The photos in this blog post are from random places and different days

Lately when I write, everything I want to say hides in my brain. I woke up today thinking about the presents I got on Saturday. A mystery person sent me a case of Kleenexes and a pillow case for my wedge pillow. Thank you! 🙂


There was a knock on my door and when I opened it, a big box was in the hallway. I tried dragging it in and hurt my big toe and then I came close to fainting. I really lucked out when the missionary came along to gather my dirty laundry. She offered to help. She put the Kleenex boxes on a shelf in my bathroom closet and then she broke down the  big boxes and recycled them.


This morning I woke up around 4:30. I tried to go back to sleep, but I felt too icky. My hernia feels like someone kicked it all night long. It way more swollen than usual…as is the rest of me. My internist was worried about my pitting edema on Friday. Now it’s my turn to worry. Even my arms are painfully swollen. It seems to be one of my body’s new strategies. I think I am less dizzy when this swollen…..but oh, my gosh….I feel sooooooo queasy! And my first blood sugar test of the morning was 125! 😮 Usually it’s 80’s or 90’s. I think part of the problem is that I had so many visitors yesterday that I procrastinated changing my insulin pump set. After a few days, each site stops absorbing insulin very well.


Then just now, my heart monitor alarmed. It said the battery was low and needed recharging. Ooops! I forgot to plug it in yesterday. Makes me wonder how many bazillion other important things I am forgetting.


While watching the news, I figured out why I woke up when I did. There’s an apartment building on fire 7 blocks from my house. To Heather…it’s on the other side of the same block as the Tulie Bakery. Yikes! A local tweet says “According to SLC Fire: 30 units impacted by fire in SLC. At least 40 people displaced.” There are still fire and ambulance sirens and the air is quite smoky.  Geeze….the smoke is really obnoxious at my place…must be horrendous for people living closer. ‘I was totally trapped,’ SLC firefighters rescue residents from massive fire


An apartment fire is a nightmare. Remember when I talked about the guy in my building who pulled down a sprinkler head and flooded parts of this building? It was months ago. People for 2 floors underneath there are still suffering from lots and lots of mold, falling sheetrock….and wrecked electrical connections. Gordon said his light switch was sparking. Management was informed….and for them it was a big ho hum. They did nothing 😮 I hope they send in electricians today. Utah has very few safety regulations….the way Republicans like it. I am appalled at how often apartment fires are in the news…along with pedestrians being killed by TRAX trains bikes, motorcycles & cars. There are numerous bank robberies and officer involved shootings. It’s still the wild west.


Well…this morning was my first chance to take all 4 electrodes off my chest and the insulin connection out of my belly. I had to do some serious scrubbing to get all the stickiness off. Quite a production to undo all the leads then put them back in the right places and correct order. It looks so simple from this diagram. Bwahhh ha ha ha ha ha. Then there was the fun of finding a suitable belly spot for insulin tubing. Between boobs, hernia and my port, it’s a challenge to find suitable real estate. I still had not eaten anything and my blood sugar was up to 145. What the heck??? There are some days it never gets that high even after eating. I’m curious what is wrong with me today. I’m feeling yuckier and yuckier.


I made a nice basket of goodies for Helen. I have no idea what sorts of things she eats, but I put pumpkin tarts, quadruple almond cookies and almond kringle slices in a basket and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Once my guts feel calmer, I will get dressed and go visit her. That’s another challenge….getting dressed. It was complicated enough with the insulin pump. I am mostly used to the weight of that hanging off me, now. It’s harder to carry the heart monitor because it pulls down my shirt or skirt. First world problems, I guess.


I have repeatedly looked at my online medical records since I saw my internist. Each time they have been different. The nurse notes infuriate me. She made more mistakes than things she got right. I have very little faith in assembly line healthcare with the cheapest help they can hire. Grrrrrrr……..


I visited Helen who is many shades of purple. It hurts to look at her beat up face 😦 I hope she heals quickly. After yakking with her, I took off to turn in my ballot at the county government center. I decided to go straight down State Street, from my place to 2100. That’s 2 miles. I have never done that before. State Street up close and personal is even more creepy and seedy than I thought! I took my ballot inside and put it in a special box. They gave me an I Voted sticker 🙂


On the way in, I had seen a woman raking leaves from her power chair. When I came out, I went and talked to her. She was interesting! Then I talked to her friend who came along in a power chair. We had soooooo much in common!!! We were all LDS and had endured more than our fair share of health challenges. What a treat to bump into those women 🙂


Then I went down 2100 until I got to TRAX and took it to Library and wheeled it home. While talking to those women, then while talking to people in my building, my heart monitor was spazzing out. It was quiet and doing OK for maybe an hour and began flashing all sorts of screens. I called the company. I had to take it all apart and put it back together, put on new electrodes, push buttons, etc. It worked less than half an hour. I called again. The guy determined it was broken. They are shipping new parts. Figures, I was good and woozy dizzy today.


I had a lot of visitors today. The Utah Food Bank, the pharmacy, my reformed window stalker and the Relief Society president. I also talked to quite a few people outside and in the common rooms. Busy day! I hope all that excitement is the reason why I am so, so sore.


I have to admit…I am relieved I don’t have to wear the heart monitor tonight. It was stressing me out. I need to find a better way to carry both the insulin pump and heart monitor in the future.