I love nights like last night 🙂 I went to bed…and then I woke up. I remember nothing and it seemed like I had only fallen asleep a few minutes before. I wish I felt rested from that. What woke me up was a sensation as if my stomach fell. Kind of like swallowing a cannonball? It’s always painful to stand up for the first time each day. Gravity hits the hernia and it’s like a kick in the gut.


I need to find a way to improve my sinus situation. Ever since the mold in here made me sick, I have been stuffed up. When I leave my apartment, I sometimes but not always, breathe better. It feels like there is something functionally wrong with my sinuses. After months of this….I just want it to stop! With steroids, Zyrtec and Benadryl each day, I should have been better a long time ago. Part of me dreads the seeking out of help from specialists. I thought I had transcended all that bother by needing hospice. Sigh……


I really want to go somewhere today. It’s way too nice to stay inside. I am so, so grateful for the freedom steroids have given me! 🙂 I think back over all the months I was too weak to go a block in my wheelchair and it makes me mad. I am still pining away for IVIg.


Well….I wandered around the city and took pics. It was an impossibly beautiful blue sky. We are breaking all sorts of weather records with this stretch of perfection. I’m venturing out in short sleeves, and sandals….no coat or boots 🙂 It’s my kind of autumn.


I have been barely with-it today. Lots of dizziness…and so hard to keep focused! All sorts of people have hugged and kissed me lately. Makes me wicked bad dizzy each time. Most of my adult life, going through doorways has been guaranteed dizziness. Now, each time I go through a doorway, it’s part of what makes me lose consciousness. I’ve been having nagging head pain for a few days now, too. I’m still burning up. Basically….same old, same old….


It’s scary that my mind is so blank.