I was so sick last night that I fell asleep sitting up. I went to bed early. Woke up this morning to hear voting results. I did not want Hillary Clinton to win…but I sure as heck did not want Trump as president 😦


I fell for a man once….he told me flattering things…..and that’s all I heard. I ignored his substance. I just wanted to feel good. Cost me a lot of money and grief. That’s how I see Trump. People looking for some sort of magic bullet that does not exist. For me, I know way more about what Republicans are against than what they are for. I hope this does not end as catastrophically as my marriage to the poseur.




On Monday, when I came home with an “I Voted” sticker, I got lots of comments. “Good for you!“, “I sent in my ballot by mail but did not vote for president“, “They never sent me a ballot. I wanted to vote, “I‘m not registered and would have to ask someone I trust who I should vote for“.  And those are just the few folks I bumped into!


Not enough people have learned history, take it to heart and act on their huge privilege and responsibilities. All the wars that have been fought for independence! The battles for each vote to be counted. All the gains that each of us have benefitted from thanks to those who went before us. I read this article yesterday and it means even more to me today. The Big Con: what is really at stake in this US election


As I always say….it’s easy to be against things…..but it’s a lot harder to be for things and DO SOMETHING. What are we all going to DO now?


I went to bed miserable and woke up miserable. This feels like congestive heart failure all over again. My feet and legs are grossly swollen and it’s hard to breathe fully. It could be partially due to the trepidation I feel thanks to the election results. I wish that was all of it!


Yesterday a humongous moving van was here for hours…unloading lots and lots of furniture. It went to the apartment above my head. I always leave the bathroom exhaust fan on 24/7 because of cigarette smoke in the building. Sometimes when I use the bathroom, I turn off the fan so I can hear the news. When I did that tonight, I could tell the upstairs fan was on. In 2 minutes or less of having my fan turned off, the bathroom filled with cigarette smoke 😦 So many things are making more sense. Must be a smoker up there. That’s why my lungs hurt so bad!


For supper, I had a salad. My jaws were so weak after eating it that I quick had to pop a Mestinon. Sooooo….it’s not my imagination that myasthenia gravis has been acting up. I was too weak to drink water, talk, breathe. YIKES! The only “good” thing is that when I am hugely swollen, I don’t lose consciousness. My feet and legs feel like they are going to burst 😦 Darned hard to breathe!!!

fingerFor a few days now, the finger next to the pinky has been red and swollen, then it had pus. I drained it yesterday, but the grossness is back and hurts even more. Such a tiny boo boo for all that pain and annoyance.


Just as it was getting dark, the sky in this pic had billows of light gray smoke. Almost as soon as it registered in my pea brain, there were lots of sirens. I have no clue what’s on fire or where. I can sure smell it, though. Aaaaaachooooooooooooo!


One good thing is that UPS showed up this morning with a new part for my heart monitor. It has been uneventfully working ever since. Olive likes to supervise.


I forgot why she was giving me “the look”.


Hmmmmm….should I take that personally? Maybe that’s the face she made when the TV was talking about the latest election politics 😛

olive-roll olive-squiggles olive-bliss hogging-moms-chair

I got up out of my chair and came back to Olive rolling around and around….doing that wiggle that means she is very pleased with herself 🙂