Olive woke me up this morning by pawing at me and meowing. When I got up, I coughed out blood. Eeewww! My blood sugar was 99, so she wasn’t waking me up for that. So she either woke me up for a Mestinon or for whatever was going on to cause blood. I feel really sick, queasy and shaky this morning. Ick.

I think I have moved on to new ways of experiencing altered consciousness. It’s sort of like the dimming of a lightbulb. I cannot see or hear and go into a trance. My mind is as dim as my eyesight. While it’s happening, I am useless. At first it was scary, but I am getting more used to it. I’m trying to figure out the difference between the falling/swirling sort of loss of consciousness and this. It’s not as physically dramatic. I am not struggling to breathe and my heart is not trying to compensate. It’s more of a shutting down. No matter how hard I try to think….I can’t. The longest episode must have been at least half an hour.

My very NOT impressive wheelchair rep was here. I was just barely polite. I wanted to scream, but I was civil. He still has no parts for my chair. I said I never would have let him take away the leg holders if I had known it was going to be this long. He says OH! You want them back? I wanted to scream no shit, Sherlock, but I said yes. He said he will bring them back tomorrow. Why the heck didn’t he do that months ago??????????? I have my doubts that he ordered the parts at all 😦 It broke August 3rd and they took away the legs the next day. I just figured that out with a duration calculator…..100 days!

My free lifeline “Obama phone” is dead. For awhile, I could charge it after lots of manipulations and attempts. Last night both the male and female parts of the phone and charger irreparably disintegrated. I had a phone interview today with Social Security and I was sweating bullets, hoping the phone would have enough power for the whole call. Between my very broken voice and the almost dead battery, it was an ordeal. Stupid questions that I already answered on paper, like….Do I have a trust fund? Does my husband send me money? Does anyone else pay my rent? Do I own stocks or bonds? After a few of them, I managed to laugh fairly hysterically. Must be nice to be able to answer yes.


Those foothills are not very far away. On a good day they look crisper and closer. I took these at the library today.


It’s hard to breathe this crappy air 😦 But…it is still short sleeve shirt weather….at least for a few more days 🙂 I dread those killing frost nights. That will be the end of flowers. Sigh…..


no bad-air

I took pics at the library on a nice day sometime in the last month. What a difference!


slcc new-library-landscaping library-falls-trees library-structure falls-leonardo-city-hall library-love library-falling-water see-through-to-mountains library-back-side