Three finger dent

Darn crazy blood sugar! 300’s yesterday, 70’s this morning. Then I went for a ride in my newer power chair. I thought my blood sugar must be plummeting because I was shaking all over and was having a hard time seeing. I pulled over and tested to find that my blood sugar had soared to 198. What the heck? It was 78 when I woke up and 71 two hours after eating a 30 carb flan. Then up to almost 200 without eating anything else. So…I told my meter I was eating 50 carbs, but ate nothing. That brought it down to 142. I wanted to eat about 75 carbs of fried rice with lots of veggies. Instead of punching that into my meter, I again gave myself a shot of 25 ml of Humalog…in the least swollen place I could find. Time will tell how that worked out. Yes! 115 a couple of hours later. I’m thinking big bolus amounts of Humalog are going to have to be shots instead of through the pump, until my edema goes away. I poked fingers into my legs to see how swollen they are. It’s even worse tonight 😮


One finger dent

Just before noon, I decided to go take some pics. First I went to Smith’s to use my 2 free coupons. I got a tube of free Kroger breakfast sausage and a rope of free smoked sausage. I like free 🙂 On the way there, I took pics, then I went to Liberty Park. I made my way over to the Asian market…but had forgotten they don’t have sesame balls on Monday. Then I went to see what was in the Little Free Library. All the books I put in there were gone.


I felt awful the whole time I was gone. Very quivery and spaced out. It didn’t help that I squished my thumb in the wheelchair’s armrest and blood was everywhere. I was doing my darndest to try to forget my problems and enjoy the beautiful day. The air pollution was better today and our high was 70 degrees.

no-leaves-many-leaves a-few-leaves golden-leave-droop yellow-canopy orange-copper very-yellow

At first I thought that there were some homeless guys on the grass. Instead, it was a roofing crew taking a break.


Most of the Grateful Tomato Garden has been harvested and composted, but there were a few things left today. Snow and freezing temperatures coming in a couple of days!

peppers-and-flowers kales-and-something-related-to-celery sweet-pea garden-fence cheerful-sunflower monster-kale dahlias-still-there last-dahlias

Not too far away was a house with all garden no lawn.

fall-garden lambs-ears

Then I went to Liberty Park. It’s been in the news a lot lately. There was a Trump protest there. Some idiots defaced signs. I didn’t take those pics. I got to the park just as a maintenance guy was scrubbing one of the signs. He just had “Here” to finish scrubbing off. I was more into the trees, so only took a pic of his little vehicle. He was just on the other side of it with a big scrub brush and did not look too happy.



The park seemed subdued today….but pretty! 🙂

water-canons park-space liberty war-of-the-worlds-aliens fish-pond-and-tennis-tent muted

I liked this porch 🙂


A block from my place is Moochie’s. One more day of nice weather like this and SNOW. No more hanging around outside. People were enjoying this very unseasonable weather 🙂


The saddest part of the day was when I got home. I was enjoying joking around with a couple of women when I asked one where she lived. Above me! She used to live in my hallway and moved away. Now she is back to torture me 😦 She smokes A LOT. My chest pretty much never stops hurting now that she lives there. I politely let her know that some of her noise “scared the shit out of me”. I am sooooooo bummed to have her above my head 😦 Dang!


I am also bummed that Annie, the daughter of one of the Piano Guys, was found dead. The pic is the last one she took above the Columbia River in Oregon. She fell off a cliff to her death. Sigh….