Loaded down crabapple tree


Front door flowers


Last dahlia


Soft moss

I made up for lost sleep. 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night. then an hour and a half nap by 10:30 AM. I felt horribly awful. Breathing was wicked painful and I was in a trance-like stupor. I could not even play solitaire, which is what I do when my brain won’t work. Even after the nap, I was still in tough shape. Getting dressed had me bent over and gasping. But….there was no way I was going to waste the last hours before the storm hit.


It was warm Wednesday in the early morning…around 50 degrees. Wunderground says my neighborhood high temp for Tuesday was 76.5. Yup, it was nice 🙂 I went out and about sometime between noon and 2 today. Without a cellphone, I have no idea what time it is while I’m away from my apartment. Our high for the day was mid 60’s. I wore a short sleeve shirt…no jacket. It was funny to watch all the people bundled up for winter 🙂 All the talk about snow tonight must have made them cold! It was chilly waiting for TRAX, but that was from the wind that blows along 400. I was following a woman wheeling a suitcase and a guy in a wheelchair being pushed by a woman. Suitcase lady had them stop and she dug out a lap blanket she said she made just for someone in a wheelchair! That was nice 🙂

orange-flowers purple-berries mums morning-glory too-pretty-to-freeze

I am still having problems with insulin leaking out of me and that making my blood sugar too high. What a PITA! My internist finally answered my email and he said he prescribed Bumex. I get to pee away all that edema. Maybe the pharmacy will deliver Thursday? I have changed the cannula site 3 times and today’s attempt hurts quite a bit. I’m about ready to pull it out and just use good old-fashioned syringes until my edema goes down. I am spoiled from using the “bolus wizard” in my insulin pump. I just poke in the blood sugar numbers and the carbs I plan to eat and the pump does the math. Without the pump, I need to use both Humalog and Lantus. I remember NOTHING about how much of each to use. Sigh….

event-center trolley-row flowering-cabbage trolley-fountain trolley-tower trolley-roses whole-foods-flowers wfs-flowers christmas-trees wf-outdoor-tables

When I left home, I had no idea where I was going….as usual. I just kept taking pictures, ogling the scenery and rolling along. I got near Whole Foods and decided to go be a tourist there. Christmas season sucks in a wheelchair! Last time I went in Smith’s, the aisles are now crowded with extra displays. Whole Foods did it, too. While I was being scared about knocking down junk set up smack dab in the middle of pathways, a woman scurried in front of me and dumped some tiny cookies in a bowl. I ate one. Yuck! Ick! Pffftttt!!!! It was a peppermint flavored chocolate covering on the cookie. Mint tastes like poison to me 😦 That’ll teach me! Without glasses I could not read the lettering. Got outside and saw Christmas trees!


TJ’s loading dock


Boxwood wreaths


Alley to TJ’s

Then I toodled on over to Trader Joe’s for some salad greens. They had already rearranged yesterday’s wreaths. Today there was a row of boxwood wreaths where mixed greens wreaths had been yesterday. I thought I would show you my favorite way to get to TJ’s. It avoids the scary parking lot where people are always trying to run me over. Sometimes I watch the big semis unloading.


City Hall scaffolding coming down

workers last-pieces

Senior apartment building free of scaffolding….at last!


Workers were scurrying around the last few days to take down scaffolding from the giant senior apartment building and over at City Hall. I’m tired of looking at all that scaffolding all summer! I’m impressed how much better the apartment building looks with all new windows and a paint job.

plant-house interesting-house squash-porch pumpkins creepy-house

Above and below is the “creepy house”. Now that most of the leaves are gone, I can see that the upstairs balcony is caving in.



I like looking at porches and houses. I’m always a bit afraid that homeowners will pop out and shoot me 😛


Taufer Park has tables, play equipment and a Virgin Mary tree. I especially liked the author’s quote  The only light in this rundown, crack-house-infested neighborhood was a lone, flickering streetlamp. The tree is a block from me 😛


This is Richmond Park, where I used to go to get free food from Food Not Bombs. Lots of homeless people sleep there….around the play equipment and gazebo, This is the first time I noticed No Camping signs. I wonder if it does any good?


I got to my building to discover 2 emergency vehicles. Just as I went inside, they took one of my hall neighbors out to the ambulance. She looked awful 😦 This week she had a treatment I can only describe as roto-rooting her lungs. Eeeewww! I’m worried about her.

ambulance emergency-vehicles

Today was my first time getting a senior box from the Food Bank. My box had oatmeal, tomato juice, yucky plastic cheese, a big bag of powdered milk, 2 pkgs pasta, a bag of dried beans, one can each of green beans, corn, carrots, pears…that I put on the free table. I kept a loaf of pumpkin spice swirl bread, eggs, can of plums, 2 boxes of milk, a mylar bag of beef stew and a bottle of apple juice. I wish I had put the stew on the table. Thinking about it makes me queasy. I might be eating more types of food now, but my guts are still pretty darn picky.

still-turning green up-look fall-color comparison glowing-leaves fallen-leaves

Every single time I have stood up today, I have been crazy short of breath. I had forgotten how awful edema can be. Once while in the kitchen, I collapsed. Very scary. It wasn’t a gentle collapse. It was as if an unseen force was trying to dislocate all my joints….almost as if I was being pulled apart. Oh, sooooo tired of sickness and disability!


Late this afternoon, there was a wind and dust storm, when the cold front got to us. The mountains and nearby big buildings disappeared. Many of the remaining leaves on trees were stripped off. Later it rained and now it’s snowing hard. Goodbye nice weather!


There were a couple of outdoor tables of folks eating lunch today…and now it’s snowing. I have been so spoiled with this nice fall weather. Now we are leaping into winter. This SOB old lady is ready to sob. Sigh….