That’s snow between the petals late this afternoon. The dahlia is bent and beaten…but not dead yet. I can relate.


The snow was still there at 4 or 5 PM


Wednesday’s low was 34 and Thursday’s was 33. On the morning news, the weather person said it was 30. It wasn’t 30 in SLC, though. The killing frost will be tonight…maybe. Despite the snow, apparently we did not get to freezing. On the north side of our building, the snow never melted today. One of those hmmmmmmmm’s……who to believe?


That’s a conundrum, isn’t it? I am always trying to figure out who to believe! No matter what the subject…who to trust? After the election, I feel that even more. A few things in my personal life are slowly working themselves out. I suppose I need to be less impatient. Many things feel time sensitive when your life is on the line!

pole-mountains power-mountains hard-to-see 800-mountains snowy-foothills snowy-mountains lit-up-mountain snowed

Nearby mountains as seen from my city block

So….I finally got an email saying Upon your approval we will deactivate your account as we are no longer offering replacement phones and or Lifeline services. I looked them up. They got fined $51 million dollars for messing with the federal government 😮 I wish they had told me that they were kaput a long time ago. The person who helped me said it would take up to 24 hours to deactivate my account, and then I could apply with another Lifeline company.


Dark and gloomy sunset

The pharmacy delivered the expected Bumex….with a bottle of potassium. I know I need it, but I have suffered much trauma from it in the past 😦 The instructions say to take my diuretic in the morning.

community-room cozy

I went and sat by the fire in the community room. The gloomier it got, the nicer it was to be inside 🙂

glow lamp


The salt lamps are like little campfires all around my apartment.

My “shrink” came to visit today. I told him I was feeling panic and depression. He still says it’s situational and not big D depression. He says I have been through a lot lately. I sure am feeling mentally strange. I get so confused that I panic. I make lots of mistakes. It’s scaring me. I am also confused more often than not.