Last night, I took pics as the storm blew in. It was wild out there, with high winds. I woke up to a couple of inches of snow. It was melting fast since the ground is still warm. The foothills I can see from my window are completely covered in snow. The higher elevations got even more. Alta ski area has 7″ of new snow.

apt-800 past-store sparkly roys-car on-200 towards-store 7-11 pine-snow dusting snow-on-dahlia

The poor dahlia under snow


Flower bed

on-800 antique-store snow-on-moss backyard dog-area maple-in-snow

I went around half of the block taking pictures, beginning at dawn. On the TV news they said we just went 242 days without going below freezing. It broke the record. For me, the best thing about a snow storm is that it cleans crud out of the air. It feels easier to breathe today.


The natives were upset that I was out in my sandals and short-sleeved shirt. I felt better with the cleaner air and myasthenia gravis gets better when I am cooled off.




I will never get used to the way steroids make me look. I also have that zombie face going on. Sigh….


The long, dizzying hall to my apartment


Opening my door


Coming into the apartment


Back inside to warm up and watch the news

swollen-left-foot left-leg right-foot-dents

The pitting edema really sucks. I have it from head to toes. I hope the Bumex gets delivered today.