It snuck up on me. I’m too used to hearing ads that go in one ear and out the other. Last year I was such a bummer! I wanted to eat Thanksgiving food. I lusted for turkey and stuffing and potatoes. This year I’m not sure how I feel. Most of the time, I cannot taste. I have not been craving anything. Seems dumb that I cared last year. I wasted days and days feeling left out and deprived. It’s a lot easier to not care.

Cheerful, huh? Today I took Bumex diuretic and peed a lot….but was even thirstier, so instead of less edema, I have more. Ooops! But, I must have pulled extra fluid out of parts of my body that needed it. I am back to losing consciousness. I had forgotten how creepy that is.

I took out a box of recycling and then talked to people in the lobby. My eyes fluttered the whole time. It freaked people out. Didn’t feel so great to be me, either. Later, Marion came to my apartment because she was so worried about me. Awwwww…..

After she left, a new thing happened. More than a dozen times I found myself slumped over the left arm of my chair. My shoulder was lower than the chair arm. Quite the slump! The scary part was I never was conscious of when it happened. I would suddenly realize I was draped over the chair 😮 Losing time is freaky.

Earlier in the day, Mr Window Stalker came by. I had my window open about an inch. Give them an inch…they take a mile? I partly enjoy, partly dread our impromptu visits. I have no idea what we were talking about, but it made me remember the earphones given to me for Christmas 3 years ago at Huntsman cancer hospital. After he left, I went looking for where I had stashed them. Big mistake to raise my arms above my head. Call me really, really dizzy. My chromebook has a lousy speaker. WOW! A zillion times better with earphones 🙂 I listened to Michael Buble over and over. I accidentally fell asleep while sitting up…over and over.

Did I mention yesterday’s shower? I never, ever let go of a grab bar while in the shower. Without thinking, I used one hand to get my boob out of the way and the other hand to scrub off electrode glue. I closed my eyes under the shower. Super big mistake :-(More often than not, when I close my eyes, I fall right to the ground. Painful lesson relearned. Well, today each time I accidentally fell asleep listening to music, I felt like I was falling and circling the drain. Instant nausea. Hate that!!!


My actinic keratosis is bugging me. There are crusty things that itch and some that hurt. See how that electrode is coming off? The skin is so rough and sloughing that I need 2 or 3 electrode changes each day for my upper chest.


This is a close-up showing the keratosis and the danged skin tags….or whatever they are that are multiplying.


This view scares the crap out of me. All I did was click on auto-correct. Is there something sinister going on that shows up better here? My dermatologist only froze off a small section of keratosis…but not here. He didn’t act too worried. Sigh…it’s a contest to see what will get me first.