As soon as I woke up, I could feel a sharp pain in my lower left lung. Soon I could not breathe all the way to the bottom of my lung. Then I had crushing left-sided pain. I got numb on the left side. I was looking up stuff like pulmonary embolism and heart attack. Breathing was getting dicey. I quickly packed up stuff I would need to be in a hospital. I went online to try to find ways to contact paramedics via email. After 2 hours of being extremely SOB and in pain, most of it went away. Huh? Now it seems like that was the exact same thing that happened to me on TRAX and landed me in the ER…only to improve with IV solumedrol. Maybe it took 2 hours for my Medrol pill to start working today? Whatever happened, it’s mostly gone. It gave me new hope that I could die of something sudden and not a slow suffocation. Got to find that silver lining!


No matter what is going on in my life, it does my heart good to find reasons to live, laugh and love! 🙂 There are a lot of good people out there.


I was relatively OK for the next 6 hours. In the late afternoon, the pain and numbness came back. I just took another Mestinon. I’m thinking that will help. I hope so. (Yes! It did!) Thank goodness part of my problem is run-of-the-mill myasthenia gravis.


I am very grateful for the kind and pleasant people in the world…the ones who smile, maybe say Hi! It costs nothing to be kind, yet can change everything 🙂 Sometimes a passerby will look at me and wave…or smile…or just look happy. Thank you 🙂


The Relief Society president stopped by 🙂 She brought me a turkey, box of stuffing and canned pumpkin….plus much-needed toilet paper. Gee, now I can cook Thanksgiving dinner. I have not had good roast turkey in a long time. I need to use up my food bank box of eggs. I’m thinking of making pumpkin custard….or maybe some pumpkin flan?


The lieutenant governor of Utah recently pardoned a Norbest turkey. That’s what brand I got today….but thankfully plucked! It says ranch raised. Just kind of cracks me up to think of cowboys (turkey boys?) on horses, using lassoes to catch turkeys on the ranch.


So far, I have not left my apartment today and now the sun is going down. Looks like it’s going to be a rainy day tomorrow. Today I left my window open and the fan on me. Nice 🙂 Well, saying that made me want to go around the block. I threw a poncho over my leisure clothes and went around the block at dusk. I wish I had taken my camera! Little America and Grand America hotels are lit red and green for Christmas….as are a bunch of other buildings downtown.


Here’s a pic courtesy of the Grand America Hotel

It’s 39 degrees out and my window is still open. I just had to turn the fan back on me because sweat is trickling down my head. I am weird 😛