I thought we were supposed to have snow this morning. I woke up around 4 AM freezing and turned on the heat. I didn’t look out the window. Then I woke up after 10 AM. I must have been comfy 🙂


I know the 2 pics are only subtly different, but I liked both 🙂 See how gorgeous it is?

It was a beautiful day! After breakfast and meds and reading emails, I decided since it was so nice outside…I needed to go for a jaunt. The hour by hour weather called for rain and then snow later on. I was wearing a skirt, three-quarter length sleeve blouse and sandals. I put my wool poncho over that and was perfectly happy 🙂 I had to wear sunglasses because the sun was so bright. At first there was a slight breeze. On the way home the wind was picking up.


At 4 PM the sky is black. Severe thunderstorm warnings are being flashed on the TV. Wow! Here comes the thunder and lightning. The warning says 50 to 60 mph winds. Right now, leaves are blowing by too fast to see. The clouds look like they are boiling.


I’m glad I was able to enjoy a trip to TJ’s and back. I decided since I was given stuffing mix, I needed some celery. I love lots of celery in my stuffing 🙂 I wanted an excuse to go somewhere. Since I was at Trader Joe’s, I also bought more Cruciferous Crunch. I ate the last of it yesterday. If you haven’t tried that in your salad, I highly recommend it!

I also re-learned a lesson. Don’t take diuretics and take off! I had to use the store’s bathroom twice. It’s too small to take a power chair in. I had to park, get up and walk. The pulling on my lungs and feeling of suffocation was made worse and multiplied by using so many muscles to keep from peeing, Oh, my gosh! My ribs and other parts are still hurting wicked bad hours later. It’s all happening so fast. Sigh…


I went outside to take some pics. It was a combo of rain and snowballs.


Back inside to sit in front of the fan and dry off. Olive reminded me it was time for Mestinon. Good kitty! 🙂

All that weather drama and the forecast for tomorrow is another great day! 🙂 Mid 50’s and sun today, then a storm this evening. Looks like winter starts in earnest next week. Brrrrrr…..


Interesting. It looks like a fairly compact storm.



I’m glad I got to go out for a little jaunt today 🙂 I didn’t need to buy things…but I really needed to go out and breathe. Bonus points for 50’s and sunshine 🙂