I went to bed soon after the 9 PM Wednesday news started. It was still snowing hard. There was maybe 2 inches of snow on cars and the grass. I woke up at 2 AM to above freezing temps and the snow melting. I didn’t eat supper last night so had a snack in the middle of the night 🙂


I was forced to go to bed early because I was struggling so hard to breathe. By the time I got the CPAP mask on my face, I was in distress. That was scary. Thank goodness I quickly fell asleep. I woke up chilled to the bone…but the heat was on. Once I really woke up, I realized it was a comfortable temperature in here and I was having chills. This seems to be my life lately…I’m either burning up or chilled. At first I just got up to pee and went back to bed, but that much walking left my abdomen with wicked awful burning pain. It’s again caused by the hernia trying to expand from right to left. Besides that, I have been having the darn all-over buzzing, vibrating, quivering, zapping for days now….with each day more intense.


The frozen turkey I got is just as frozen today as it was when brought to me. I have to decide whether to thaw it in cold water, or just wait for it to thaw in the fridge…for some other day. As of now, I’m so weak that waiting sounds good.


Gosh, 10 AM and I feel like I am going into myasthenic crisis. At first I thought my blood sugar must be tanking, but it’s 134. I am tremoring all over. Breathing is shallow and painful. I don’t know what’s going on, but I suspect an underlying infection. After awhile I also realized that I was sitting here in a heated apartment. I turned off the heater and opened the window. That helped a bit. MG does NOT like a warm body. This was my first day with the window closed and heat going. I forgot how sensitive my MG can be. My Raynaud’s wants me to be warm, and the MG prefers very cool. Sigh….

For lunch, I had a big bowl of salad. That was hard enough to fix! I had to keep putting my head on the counter every few seconds to avoid fainting and to be able to breathe. Now that I ate, it’s wicked painful and even more difficult to breathe. Dang it 😦 I spent the next hour violently shaking my hernia every few minutes. Amazingly, that helps. Whenever my hernia tries to cross the left/right barrier, I think something gets pinched. I have to shake it free. I’m glad no one was watching 😛


I keep biting my lower lip 😦 Many times when my myasthenic symptoms are flaring, I end up biting the inside of my lip….over and over. I hate that 😦 It’s as if I forget how to chew, swallow and keep track of my tongue and mouth. When you think about it….it’s amazing that our mouths are so coordinated on a good day! Until I saw this pic, I had not noticed how much more my moustache shows up thanks to steroids.


Another day in the apartment, petting Olive, watching TV and hanging out on the internet. Appropriately I am watching Groundhog Day.