I feel really bad about this 😦 I cooked the turkey today. I ate a tiny piece. A few hours later, I decided it was time for lunch. I put a little pile of dark turkey on a plate, some gravy on top and nuked it. It was less turkey than I would put in a sandwich. It hit my stomach like a cannonball. Ugh. There’s a reason I gave up eating most foods. It hurt. Ow! Also, the turkey tastes and smells rancid. Sigh….



Just like so many things nowadays, that made me burst into tears. That was a lot of time spent thawing, cooking, pulling apart and putting it in the fridge. It yielded about half a gallon of turkey. The gravy I made with the rancid fat is disgusting 😦


My day has been a rough one. The idiot upstairs woke me up at 1 AM with her cigarette smoke. All night long, she randomly crashed around upstairs. Then….all day she randomly turned on her stereo full blast. So loud that my walls and floor vibrate and it’s louder than my TV 😦 Everybody walking by looks up in disgust. OK….why is this #$%^&* living above my head?????? My life sucks. I slept about 3 hours last night. I have a monster headache. I even started hallucinating. Each time I’m in the bathroom, it looks like the floor tiles are rippling and buckling and undulating. Fascinating and creepy at the same time. I hope it’s just sleep deprivation and not her drug residue!


Since I was awake and miserable, I took out a load of garbage and a load of recycling at 5 AM. Then I took another load of garbage….turkey skin and bones…at 5 PM. It was a nice day in the 50’s. High 58. I have had my window open a little or a lot all night and day. Still smells like rancid turkey. Ick. That’s what I get for doing nasal and sinus irrigation the last couple of days. Of all the days to taste and smell better! Darn it. But…’s really nice to be able to breathe with my mouth closed 🙂


I told you I am getting crazier 😦 I was in tough shape in the kitchen. Very SOB and it was hard to stand up for more than a few seconds at a time. Just one of those days that so many things were screwed up…my health, my mind, my neighbor, the turkey…..


Really? I hope so….


I do, right??? I desperately need uninterrupted sleep. I feel sooooooooooo sick!