Sitting here this morning, I watched the clouds move in and settle low. Because it’s not snowing in the valley…yet…I can see the nearby foothills. They are getting whiter by the minute. I like snow from afar πŸ™‚


Last night was strange. I fell asleep around 10 PM, but had a hard time falling asleep and staying that way. I continued to feel awful from the night and day before. Each time I woke up, I would look at the clock and be bummed that I hadn’t slept all that long. I was glad when one of the times I woke up and it was 7 AM. Too bad I feel like I never slept at all. Is that why they say “no rest for the weary”? I was too tired to sleep well. Then there was the constant noise from upstairs 😦 She repeatedly woke me up. This is feeling like when The Stomper lived above me. The last 2 years were blissful in comparison….very little noise and no smoking. Ahhhhhh….. Β The upstairs woman needs a nickname. She has made more noise so far than the guy up there did in 2 plus years.


The missionaries came to see me before church. I cried the whole time. I guess I am officially a basket case. It’s all just too much. I am losing it.


As far as “losing it” in this political climate, I thought Ken’s blog post was a good one.


I know I should be brave and upbeat….instead I am tired and sad 😦 I need to quit crying. My eyeballs dry out and it gives me a monster headache. I have never been so dizzy or had such double vision as tonight. I started thinking….if I really need/want to, I think I can use that $5 cellphone to call 911 even though it isn’t activated. Is that right?


I heard ice hitting the window and went to check local weather online. I must have been a zombie all day. I don’t remember hearing about Winter Storm Blanche. I see it’s going to go all across the country. Have fun, peeps. Geeze…I’m glad I don’t need to go anywhere.

Winter Storm Warning in effect from 2 AM to 11 PM MST Monday.

The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City has issued a Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow, which is in effect from 2 AM to 11 PM MST Monday.Β 

  • Affected area: The Wasatch Front along with the Cache and Wasatch mountain valleys.
  • Snow accumulations: 3 to 6 inches along the valley floors of the Wasatch Front as well as the Heber and Park City areas. 6 to 12 inches along the benches of the Wasatch Front as well as the Ogden Valley.
  • Timing: periods of moderate to heavy snow will develop early Monday morning and continue into Monday evening before tapering to showers late Monday.
  • Impacts: winter driving conditions can be expected across all area roadways Monday. Both the morning and evening commutes will be significantly impacted.