When I first woke up at 7 AM, I was not impressed by the paltry amount of new snow. Then we had a white-out. That’s better 🙂 If it’s going to snow, I like the full blast sort of snowstorm. I woke up feeling very shaky. I was suspecting low blood sugar, but it was 93. It’s not often that I get to take a shower with all things OFF my skin. Today I managed to time the shower so I was able to take off all 4 electrode stickies and the insulin set. YES! It’s not easy to get all that adhesive and goop off. Besides scrubbing with soap and water, I spent at least 15 minutes scraping residue off while drying. In all, it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to take the darn things off, take a shower, put the electrodes back on, fill a new reservoir with insulin, stab a new cannula into my belly and get insulin flowing. That’s a lot of work when weak and shaky!


Then it was time to fill my weekly pill-box. That took half an hour. Good thing I am seeing the NP tomorrow. I didn’t have enough of some meds to fill the pillbox. I use little scraps of paper for each day and write what’s missing. When I got up to put away all the pill bottles I used to fill the pill-box, I had the worst dizzy spell in a long time. Putting my head down didn’t make it go away 😮 I don’t know what’s wrong, but I am severely SOB and sick to my stomach 😦 My whole body is in that quivering, buzzing, tremoring, zapping mode.


I’m not sure what is different, but eating is not pleasant. I need to figure out what to eat nowadays. It’s always changing. I was eating salads, custard, fruit and ice cream. Now, everything hurts. I don’t know what to do any more. My guts and my brain are disturbed and neither makes sense. I have spent the whole day “running” to the bathroom. Ugh. I think all foods are causing distress.


The hernia feels like it’s trying to pull my lungs loose 😦 I am awfully weak today….as in breathing, standing, sitting, thinking, you name it. I’m glad it’s a snow day and I don’t have to get dressed or leave my apartment. The weakness is like a wave that just keeps washing over me. I think it’s getting better…and another wave hits.


A’s of 6 PM there has been 32″ of snow at Alta ski area…and the snow is still coming down hard. It’s too dark to take pics through the window now. We had freezing or above for most of the day, so the valley only had a few inches of snow, and some of that melted. The TV news says it’s very dense, wet snow to shovel.


I’m feeling denser than the snow. It’s very hard to hold a thought. It’s hard to remember stuff.