I was exhausted. I got into bed at 7:30. Something about my belly did not seem right. The spot where the hernia hits my abdomen has opened up 😦


I cannot see it without taking a pic. It’s not easy to lift the hernia enough to take a pic of the underside. I about fainted when I felt the raw spot with my fingers and I came even closer to passing out when I saw the pics. I think most of the blood rushed out of my head 😦 I feel absolutely sick. This is what kills people with giant hernias.


The hernia has changed how my intestines work, it has altered my breathing, it’s the source of much pain and now the skin has ulcerated. My BP today was 150/80. The first thing the nurse asked is if I was in a lot of pain. Yup.


After taking pics of the ulceration, I slathered tea tree oil and lavender antiseptic solution on the ulcer. It took awhile, but I feel a faint burn. I am still slowly but surely getting back feeling from the surgery.


Each angle tells a bit more of the story. It’s kind of interesting to see the scar puckers, patterns and colors. It’s amazing it ever healed shut. I don’t think much can be done to stop the skin from ulcerating 😦


We all knew this wasn’t going to end well. I can’t believe I lived through my belly dehiscing and the months of wearing a wound vac….and the last 3+ years of healing. I’m glad I lasted long enough to see all three of my grandsons and to watch Heather become a wife and mother…..among her many other accomplishments 🙂

I am very weary of dealing with medical issues. Sigh……  It’s one thing to know what’s coming….and a whole other thing to go through it. I never did this before.

“The time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:6–7.)

The end gets more real every day. I wonder how long I have left? I’m glad I don’t know.