I had to go back over to the doc’s office to pick up the rest of my prescriptions from yesterday. I took the chromebook with me and showed the pharmacist a pic of the ulceration. He flipped out and ran my laptop back to the doc. I was given an instant appointment. They did a swab of the site and then I was given mupiricin cream, Tefla pads and cloth tape to protect the sore. I heard them whispering to each other….wondering if it’s cellulitis. I heard LOTS of talk about me. The doc was very cheerful in person. He tried to make it seem OK. Truth is, my intestines are trying to escape from me where the ulceration is….and there is nothing anyone can do about it. He said hospice should be contacting me soon.

I again came home with my coat stuffed behind my back instead of on me. The people hanging out in the lobby all gave me a hard time. Heck, this would be a nice day in Vermont at 37 degrees 🙂

Ohhhh! I packed up the stupid heart monitor and got it ready to ship back. It came in a box to send through UPS. I didn’t know I was going to be seeing the doc when I went to the pharmacy. I had the box with me and was going to go look for a UPS drop box. I pass by one, but was not sure where it was. I figured I could use my chromebook to look up the closest box. Hah! I got out of the doc’s office and right across the street was a parked UPS truck. I zoomed up to his door and gave the box to the surprised driver…and zoomed off 🙂

This afternoon, I took off the stupid heart monitor for good. I got in the shower to peel off the 4 electrodes and my insulin set. And then I was BAD. I went to the doc’s office naked. Naked of sticky things, that is 🙂 And I did not put my insulin pump and set back on until after 4 PM. I felt so naughty 😛

The new, higher dose of steroids is making my blood sugar high. It will probably take me awhile to figure out how much extra insulin I will need to cover the med. Even if I died tomorrow, I’d rather have reasonable blood sugar, because too high or too low makes me feel sick. After wearing the darned electrodes, just the insulin pump, tubing and set feels like a lightweight. I hated that heart monitor!!! I felt positively gleeful to hand it off to UPS 🙂

I’m sure I miss a lot now that it’s winter. With darkness early and late, plus cold temperatures and my window and blinds closed, I don’t hear or see so much. But…I’ve seen 2 ambulances today. The fire trucks just left from the last emergency here. I met one of the seniors from here over at the docs. A couple of people I know are getting surgery tomorrow and many folks here are sick. Temperature inversion season tends to make us drop like flies.


The fever/chills thing is intense tonight. One of these times that I blow my nose, my intestines are going to come flying out of the hernia. Then it could be said…