Applying for a lifeline phone has not been easy. It looked easy on the website….and it should have been easy. I filled out the application electronically and then submitted proof via files. I uploaded the files to the website and two other times via email. Each time they asked for them again! That took 5 days. Finally today they accepted the documentation. Supposedly I will have my new phone by the end of this week. I will believe it when I see it.


Then there’s hospice. Two weeks ago I talked to the nurse from the new company. My doc said the paperwork was sent. I got an email from hospice today saying they still have not been contacted. Lord only knows which party has not followed through. I see the doc again this week.

no legs

The @#$%^&*! wheelchair rep sent me yet another email claiming that they just submitted paperwork to repair my brand new wheelchair that has broken twice now. Of course he claimed the paperwork was submitted months ago and they were just waiting on my insurance company. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Does anybody, anywhere take responsibility and tell the truth?


Truly….it often feels like a full-time job to be disabled and poor. It’s very frustrating being me. All I want is some help before it’s too late to help me.


This morning was a sort of new form of torture. I had wicked sharp pains in my lower left abdomen and groin. It felt worse than when I had diverticulitis. I had to run to the bathroom every few minutes for 7 hours. Feels like somebody has been kicking me and that the area is on fire 😦 I was hardly conscious. Each time I went to the bathroom, my head was roaring…then I was totally not breathing or out of breath. Of course that made my heart pound until it felt like it was going to explode. I have been sweating heavily. I must say….I am a lot tougher than I thought! Why am I still here?



After 5 PM, I gathered up garbage and recycling to take out. On the way back in, I ran into the guy who wants to adopt Olive. He had already made arrangements with the office to come in and get her after I pass. I told him that I have been gathering up her stuff and writing him notes. He said he wants to come and visit us from time to time to get to know Olive. Cool 🙂


Tonight Pauline came to visit. She wanted to see if I was still alive….and if so, did I need anything 🙂 I got soooooo dizzy! I kept starting to lose consciousness. Despite that, we had a good time talking and joking around.