The downside to not having a working cell phone is no alarm. I had an 8 AM doc appointment. When I woke up at 5, choking and gagging, I did not dare go back to bed. That meant another 3.5 hour night of sleep. Sigh…



All the doc did was look at the ulceration on my hernia. I’m not quite sure why he really wanted to see me? I was in less pain this morning and my BP was 120/78. It was 21 degrees outside. I froze by going one block 😛 Thankfully, the bad pain only started when I had to lift my hernia up for the doc. It was real owie for the block home. Now it’s borderline excruciating.

Several docs were hanging out together and talking this week. A surgeon in the group became intrigued by what he heard of my story. He wants to see me tomorrow. I know there’s nothing he can do to fix me…but this should be interesting….right??? I am penciled in for an hour. I looked up this guy. He has done a bunch of transplants, bariatric surgery and everything gut.

After noon, the hospice nurse came. She spent an hour writing down all sorts of info. She was nice. Said they would send in a social worker, nurse, aides, etc. I will believe it only when it actually happens!


I think I am getting more and more skittish. I’m having trust issues with anybody and everybody who has some sort of power over my life. Way too many promises and too few follow-throughs. I remember now why I hate asking for any sort of help. More often than not, it leads to frustration.

And….for the big crisis? This building has been without water most of the day. When I found out why…I was furious! Remember when I said a guy flooded all three floors in the other wing? He was messing with a sprinkler head, apparently pulled it loose and hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water went down the halls horizontally and down the walls vertically. It was never repaired!!!

I have heard from various people about mold in the walls, holes in ceilings from water damage, sparking wires, etc. It wasn’t until today that a guy told me that all this time there have been garbage cans in the hallways to catch drips. It has been months! Months and months! Landlords can get away with murder in Utah 😦

I tried to go out to the lobby after the hospice nurse was here. Couldn’t get there from here. There was a 4 inch diameter hose running through the front door and up the stairs. It was the corporate guy with the box truck sized wet vac. I came back to my apartment. Around 5 PM, there were weird noises in the bathroom. Rusty water was bubbling up in the toilet. The sink spit out rust chunks. Olive kept hissing at the toilet and arching like a Halloween cat. Of course there has been no official apartment notice about what’s going on with the water…or when it’s safe to drink. Thank goodness there’s still drinking water in my Brita pitcher and I have some bottled water! I hope the water is cleaner for tomorrow’s shower. Eeeewwww….

My diverticulitis-like pain and burning in my left lower abdomen makes me want to just sit here and sob. I wonder if the surgeon knows how to stop it without surgery? That would be nice. I expect the guy only wants to examine me as a curiosity….not because he can help in any way. A bazillion sighs……..