I think it has been raining all day. I woke up at 5 AM and looked out the window to see a fire truck and ambulance. That must be what woke me. It was 48 degrees out there! Then, later in the morning, I was struggling so much to breathe, that I got back in bed with CPAP and oxygen. I think I slept a couple of hours more.


It must be the cold dampness. Breathing is wicked painful. I keep getting so dizzy that I cannot see or sit up straight. Not my favorite day! The real problem is that despite the salt lamps, the bathroom fan being on and having my window open, my apartment is FULL of cigarette smoke. My new upstairs neighbor has me totally demoralized 😦


Well, I wrote that and decided I should go out and see if my new cellphone was in the mail. No such luck. While I was near the mailboxes, the upstairs neighbor came over to me and asked if she was a good neighbor! As calmly as possible, I told her why she wasn’t, thanks to the smoke and around the clock noise. We both burst into tears. I moved away from her and towards Buster. He took one look at me and asked if my voice worked now. It did for a few sentences 🙂 There has to be an upside to crying….right?


OK….I checked tracking on my phone. It got to West Valley City at 2:59 today. Hopefully I will get it on Monday.


What else can I say about today? It’s a bummer day. Both my mind and body are going down the tubes. I feel more depressed than usual 😦