I feel like I am about to lose consciousness, but so far I am still here. The buzzing, quivering, tremoring is intense today. I feel very weak and weird. I am always surprised I can still type when I get like this. I was not able to get dressed and leave my apartment until late in the afternoon. I needed to get to the public phone to get my phone registered. I was on hold at least a half hour. She wanted the #’s on the SIM card. Really? Those were #’s? I asked Kent for help. He could not read them all, so went to the office and got the youngest person. She read it easy and I got my phone # assigned. The manager entered my # in the door system, so now I can buzz people in again. Oh, joy! I already hate that people can call me 😦


I got back to my apartment, stood up, and realized my clothes were so soaked in sweat that I could have wrung them out. I had been sweating profusely the whole time. I had to keep wiping sweat off my eyelids so I could see. My eye kept closing, my mouth drooping, great heaves of my shoulders to breathe. It’s a huge effort to just sit there. When I stand up, it’s instant overwhelming head pain….and then my diaphragm gets stuck. About all I am good for is sitting in my living room chair with a fan on me…or going to bed with CPAP and oxygen. Last night I fell asleep instantly and woke up 8 hours later. It seemed like I had been asleep only a few minutes. I sure did not feel rested. Sigh….


Most of the time I am lost and confused. I have no idea what I have been doing for most of the last week. My memory is trashed.



You know that Deseret Industries thrift store nearby where I bought much of what I own? The property is about to get a homeless shelter. Good thing I probably won’t last much longer. This place is creepy enough already. DI is within sight of here. 2/10ths of a mile via sidewalk….and not even half that in a straight line. I still have nightmares from going past the Road Home shelter and that area a couple of months ago.