It was 48 degrees out when I woke up. Mid 50’s before the storm front got here. I had my window wide open and the fan on me. Then we started getting severe thunderstorm warnings. During the 11-12 news on Fox, their building was getting pummeled with rain. We just had the front approaching. There was a straight gray line across the sky.


Check out weather radar. The fronts always seem to split just as they get to where I live.

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When the storm front got to my window, the precipitation was graupel.


For a few minutes, graupel was bouncing everywhere. Then the winds hit. They said it was up to 60 mph. That made sheets of graupel go bouncing and sliding across the parking lot.


Then there was light rain. Then hard, driving rain. I could not even see out the window. Next thing I know, the snow is a couple of inches deep. Then it melted! The foothills are now back to being white. They were green/gray this morning.


I have been sweating profusely much of the afternoon. Thank goodness for my fan! And orange air spray! Lot’s of sharp pains on my left side. I never left the apartment. As I write this, I realize I have been awake almost 12 hours and I have very little recollection of it.


Whoa! Scary face ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I felt like I was going to pass out and took a pic. Just how I want to be remembered…..NOT! Most every time I stand up, I get light headed and dizzy.


My lunch. Underneath was chicken and rice casserole. Then a diced tomato and avocado. Then doused with tomatillo salsa. There was a potluck in the community room today. I’d rather eat my own food. I also didn’t feel like gasping, sweating and trying to faint in public.

Last night I was clicking through to see what was on TV instead of looking it up on the online TV Guide. I am all too predictable. I generally watch CBS news for several hours in the morning. Then FOX noon news is at 11 and CBS at noon. Sometimes I watch Dr Phil, sometimes FOX evening news from 4-5. Then at 5-7 I keep it on NBC news. In the evening I often watch PBS news, then 9-10 FOX and 10-10:30 PM is CBS. I can’t help it. I get a kick out of how each network and station slants the local and world news. I HATE sit-coms and sports! I’m glad I was restless last night. I ended up watching Passing On, a documentary about dying. Good timing.

It figures, now that it’s too late for me, there is a new law allowing disabled people to have their own trusts. I wanted to have a trust for me for many years.

97 dead homeless people around here this year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Probably more that were never categorized that way. Yesterday when I went to the doc early, there was a homeless guy asleep on the concrete ramp to the dumpster next door. I often see him near one of the 4 closest dumpsters. People aren’t garbage ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I was thinking….when I die, I should start a blog calledย Wendy Wanders Through Eternity…..