Food supplies are sneaky things. It seems like there is always a time when I have milk in the fridge, but no chocolate syrup or syrup in the cupboard and no milk. Today I used the last of my blue cheese dressing, but still have salad greens. Lucky for me, I have a small container of real blue cheese in the freezer. I can make my own. This seesaw of food goes back and forth. Inevitably I will replenish something, then not be hungry for it for weeks or months. It’s never even-steven.


When I woke up this morning, I thought maybe I would go buy a few things. But I did not feel well, then the missionaries came over and then Olive’s future adoptive father visited. And then it was dark. Just as well since temps are in the 20’s. I have looked all over and cannot find my purple long underwear! Seems like a hard thing to lose šŸ˜›


Gosh, on the news they showed deep snow around the valley. There’s nothing here downtown. Cottonwood Heights got 9 inches of snow. Herriman looked snowed-in on TV. Some ski areas got 3 feet of snow. A mountain had 90-something mph winds šŸ˜® There were other high wind #’s around Utah, too. Quite the forceful come and go quick storm. Supposedly it will be about 10 degrees tonight…..the coldest here so far. Brrrr…..


Yesterday was rough. Breathing took way too much effort. I ended up sleeping 11.5 hours last night! I only woke up because Olive was sleeping on my shoulder and kept smacking my face with her paw. It was supremely difficult to wake up. I tottered to the bathroom in heaps of pain and all weak because I had gone so long without Mestinon. I took my blood sugar and it was in the 70’s. That explains the cat alarm clock and how bad I was shaking.


Now I’m sweating as if it were 100 degrees. Instead, it’s 22 outside, I have my window open and the fan on me. No matter what’s going on, my body is perverse. I had that salad for supper….Romaine, cruciferous crunch, some cheese, black olives, a tomato, an avocado and blue cheese dressing. It seemed good until it hit my stomach. The good ol’ cannonball to the gut is back. Sigh….


I wish you could see what my eyes saw! The foothills were bathed in pink from the sunset reflecting off the snow.


When it got down to 20, I closed the window because it was dark out. I still have the fan on me and am sweating even more. I wonder why this happens every night? It seems like for most of my infections, I switch to fever and chills in the evening. One of my biggest questions after I am on the other side is what the heck was up with my body????? I would love an explanation for all the crazy ailments. Why was I so different? Did it make me a stronger person? What were the most important lessons I was supposed to learn from it all? Did I?


I have really been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. It amazes me to remember all of the people I have met and all the places I have been šŸ™‚ I have been very, very blessed šŸ™‚