Woke up with my whole body tremoring. What the heck makes me do this? It’s hard to stand, walk, sit, chew, swallow or do absolutely nothing at all. My heart has been doing the crazy thing….too fast, too slow, skipped beats, pounding. It’s hard to think when so many of my body parts are nuts.

There are a few items I wish I could go buy. The clouds are thin and gauzy, but there is some blue sky and sun. We are having a darned temperature inversion. Looks polluted out there. I keep thinking I should just get dressed and try to leave. When I get up to get food or use the bathroom, I am sooooo weak! I know I would be acting stupid to try to shop. Darn! Still…..the argument inside my head will not shut up.


I wrote that and got mad. I have some pretty serious cabin fever going on. I decided to go. It took at least an hour so get ready because I have to gasp for air after the smallest of exertions. I wore my red PJ bottoms under my skirt, instead of my purple long underwear that’s missing. The hardest part was putting on my Ugg boots. Both feet and legs are grossly swollen. I had serious doubts that they could be put on. What a struggle!

I went to Trader Joe’s for all sorts of goodies. I like their new bag of 6 small avocados for $2.99. This is my 3rd bag. Just the right size for a single person. I could buy almost everything there….but I had to go next door to Smith’s for a new fan, some salt lamp bulbs and marshmallows. I really want to make some rice krispies treats!




Ever since the bedroom fan died, I tried dragging the living room fan in there each time I napped or slept at night. What a PITA! Lately I have been pulling the living room fan as close to my bedroom door as possible. It was in the way when all those people came in to check on me yesterday. At Smith’s, I had the choice between a pedestal fan or the usual 20″ box fan. I found them out in the garden department. I got the box fan.

I absolutely LOVE the fan some nice blog reader sent me this summer/fall. It is the best! I love being able to tilt it. I seem to change the way it’s pointing a bazillion times a day. Right at 5 PM, the sweats started. Ugh….what would I do without fans? I breathe a lot better in the breeze 🙂


On the way to buy groceries, I hardly remember anything but being in a trance. It wasn’t until I was on my way home that I snapped out of the fog. I actually felt pretty good coming home 🙂 It was the easiest to breathe in FOREVER! Then I got back to my apartment and was back in misery. Sigh….it was nice for a few minutes.

Gee….there were a lot of hours in the day, but I will be darned if I can remember them!


YES!!! Marion just came to visit and handed me a couple of cards on my door. One is from Google. They are FINALLY going to add service at our address. It figures that the meeting is from 3 to 6 PM on Wednesday. That’s not my only commitment then. Says they are offering hot chocolate and churros 🙂 Apparently we will instantly be able to get online with Google. How cool is that? I was hoping I would live long enough to get Google! It seems like a very long time ago when they wired my apartment.