Jeezum Crow!!!!!!!! I got in bed before I even hit publish on the blog post. I just plain could not sit up another second. I woke up 4 hours later with a killer headache. I thought I felt better after sitting up for a while and then wham! The worst tremors ever. It made me wonder where the dividing line is between a tremor and a seizure. Just as I was about ready to give up and pass out, it stopped as abruptly as it had started. Whoa….now I’m limp. That was, uhhhhh, ahhhhh…..exciting? It’s amazing how much strength that takes.

I sat up a few hours, then went back to bed a few hours. I woke up with lots of head pain again. Geeze….am I having a West Nile Virus flare-up? Either that or my body interprets it as such. I have been getting the exact same anxiety I felt when my brain and body went nuts thanks to WNV. What the heck? I hate anxiety 😦


Oooooooohhhhhhh! A beautiful sunrise 🙂


Soon after Deseret Industries opened this morning, I went over looking for some toys and books. I got a bunch of vehicles and planes plus some blocks. Olive checked out what was messing up her space.



Most of what I have to say sounds like what I have already said. I had salad for lunch. All that chewing and swallowing made me very weak. I hate MG! I hate being SOB! Whenever I eat, it’s much harder to breathe.


Kissing Helen popped in for a few minutes to say hi. My big project for the day was to hang up my 7 Christmas Cards 😛


Just like so many other evenings, right at 5 PM, I started sweating. By 7 PM…I am soaked….and burning up. Really….