This morning I went back to DI to look at the new crop of toys and books. I found a few more things. I decided to start sweating early today. A block there and back and I was soaked. What a relief to get back in front of my fan 🙂 I have had the bedroom window partially open all day and no heat on, yet I have been way too hot. I think the high for the day was 35 degrees.


We had snow overnight. TV weather says we got an inch


Olive got in one of the baskets, but did not stay there long enough for me to get a pic

Oh! Last night I was like a furnace on high….so hot and I had to keep the fan on high to keep up with all the sweating. I needed to stay awake and in my chair longer than I wanted to just to keep somewhat cool and dry. Then I went to bed and I was frozen. I spent an hour and a half twisting and turning under 2 blankets, trying to thaw out my ice block feet and hands. There is NO middle ground….just burning up or frozen. And of course when I woke up this morning, my personal thermostat was stuck on HOT.

I got a box of CPAP supplies! Thank you, friend 🙂 I was sitting a few feet from the front door when the mail lady came in and handed me the box. The Google Fiber people had tables set up by the front door. I got a churro and cup of hot chocolate….and punched the carbs into my handy dandy insulin pump. I could not figure out why my blood sugar was so high yesterday and this morning. Dang it! I removed the set from my belly to find not one, but TWO kinks in the plastic hose that’s supposed to be delivering insulin under my skin. I wish I could see through my flesh to know when the tubing is trashed!


Google Fiber is a much better deal than Xfinity. I was soooo happy when the technician that followed me home unplugged the Xfinity modem 🙂 I despise Comcast! For $50 I get faster internet for $10.64 less. I didn’t want anything else that they can add on. Ahhhhhh……a long wait that’s finally over!


Once the technician was done hooking up my internet, I went back out to the common areas. We had a real live band playing in the community room 🙂 Heart & Soul. I wish I had understood who they were and what was going on before they left. They were good. It would have been nice to hear their whole gig. Weird…..usually nothing is going on around here and today we had the Google event at the same time as Heart & Soul.


Even Olive is tired

Then…..I had visitors. The kids ran in, played with the toys and left. More about my zippy visitors tomorrow…..