I am surprised no one figured out who’s here. He’s never been to my apartment before, but his wife and kids have been here.


My photos are mighty fuzzy looking! Sorry. Can you tell who these people are?


Fletcher built a house and Porter handcuffed himself to it.


Fletcher built so high that he had to stand on my wheelchair to put the roof on. That’s the antenna in his hand.

Soooooo…these folks had booked the flight a while ago, but did not tell me. Heather didn’t think I would live this long. Me, neither. I’m glad I did 🙂 They are here for 12 days! All are pretty tired after flying in from China. Today was somewhat low key. Somehow I managed to not take any pics with Desmond. He’s cute in his bear suit.


While they went shopping, so did I….I went back over to DI for more kid books. When I came home, I talked to the Google Fiber guy who was camped by the front door. Out of 80 apartments, only 3 of us signed up! Heather and Luke are impressed by how fast my internet is. I’m loving the stainless steel insulated cup Google gave me. Way better than the cheapo little cup I got at Walmart 🙂


My leg looks more dramatic in person. I don’t know what I bumped into, but my left leg has sprung a leak. It’s just like the old CHF days. I’m so full of edema that when a hole is poked into me, I pop like a water balloon 😮 At first I wondered what I had spilled on my leg. I wiped it off and soon it was wet again. Repeat that a few times in disbelief….and because it was interesting. Sigh…


Very swollen. A few days ago I said that leg felt like it had a blood clot. It has hurt ever since. It gets cramps deep inside my leg. Today there were lines of pain. I put Mupiricin cream on the red part of my leg. Tonight there is a deep hurt. More sighs…..

I don’t feel so good….but I am very happy to have Heather and family in town 🙂 And special for Christmas, we are expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow here in the valley and 1 to 3 feet of snow in the mountains.