I’m impressed 🙂 Porter wanted to take pics. He took quite a few. Certainly better than some of mine yesterday!


His parents and baby brother

wendy-using-chromebook picture-by-porter

His goofy grandmother

My voice keeps working and being broken and then working. This afternoon I was able to read a stack of books with only slight breaking up of my voice. Cool 🙂

My leg is still leaking. After 24 hours of drip, drip, drip, I was able to put my slippers on better…well….I should say Heather did 🙂 Around noon they all went out for lunch and errands, so I toured Whole Foods and bought stuff at Trader Joe’s. Much to my surprise….they beat me home!

I treated myself to TJ’s clam chowder. At home, I heated it up with an extra can of clams and some cream, salt and pepper. Ahhhhhh….that felt good in my always sore throat.


I took this picture of Heather and Desmond 🙂

When the tired crew went home for the evening, I tidied up a bit and got in my wheelchair to check the mail. Dang! My MG randomly acts up when I over-do it. I was not able to pick my feet up enough to get them on the leg rests.  I had to use my hands to lift them. And of course that made me go noodly from head to toe. Instant mush body. I got the mail and nobody could understand my attempts at talking. MG hits incredibly fast. One minute the neuro-muscular junctions are working and then BAM! After all these years, I never get used to the profound weakness of arms, legs, eyes and diaphragm. Now that I have rested in front of the fan for a couple of hours, I am OK again.


The snow has started! Let the storm commence! Pfffttt….every time I hear the forecast, the temps get warmer and the snow less deep. It might be snowing now, but it’s going to rain tomorrow. I hope we get a white Christmas.