Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It definitely wasn’t very quiet here today. The boys were busy playing with trucks and craft supplies. I read them a few books. We watched a bunch of Simon’s Cat videos. And for lunch…Heather ordered take-out from Pig in a Jelly Jar. During the summer I often take pics of their patio or plants, but I have never actually gone in. Today I got a pork belly “blt”…local shredded pork belly, green leaf lettuce, fried green tomato, and house made pimento cheese (made with local goat cheese) served on toasted rye with a tomato creole dipping sauce. I also had a few fried dill pickles. Best of all were the beignets with blueberry lavender jelly 🙂 Mmmmmmm….


I guess there is rarely a good reason for myasthenia gravis to flare, but mine has been. My voice worked today, but my eyes and mouth were droopy. I had moments of bad weakness, but mostly was able to keep seeming normal for me. Porter is all elbows and pointy bones. A couple of times he jabbed me and my leg leaked a bunch. The kids think it’s gross and want me to dry off my leg 😛 I hardly moved around today. I was mostly waited on 🙂


When they left, I got up to close the blinds. Gosh! Back to the extreme head pain, whooshing sounds in my ears and the throbbing whaaaaaaoooooo,  whaaaaaaoooooo,  whaaaaaaoooooo…… I came sooooooo close to fainting. Then I cut up the 4.4 pound milk chocolate candy bar from Trader Joe’s. It took every ounce of strength. I was soaked in sweat and had to sit down. After hanging out in front of the fan a long while, I cut up the dark chocolate bar. Much harder! And I was back to the fan soaked again…to dry of my sweat.

Just as I was feeling better, the most impressive sweat of all busted out. It was going down my head, chest and back in rivulets. What’s up with that? Eeeewww! But….after it’s all over with and I am dried out….I feel lots better 🙂


Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Bonus pictures! Heather just emailed a few she took today 🙂


Olive wonders about Fletcher….who wonders about her


The kids were all over me, so I bent forward and they fell down and wedged behind me 😛


Olive contemplates Heather


My baby! 🙂


Grandma helps with the permanent markers


Desmond lives in a sea of legs


5 months old, and already a construction equipment guy


Looks like trouble….cute trouble


Oh, oh….be very afraid when this one is serious! Snicker…..


Desmond is just….well….too good natured 🙂


He is very proud of his new-found scooting skills. The shark is Desmond’s favorite toy 🙂


Grandma is soft and squishy and reads books