I am mightily tired of these middle of the night killer headaches along with difficulty breathing. Here I am again, sitting up to try to breathe at 3 AM. Of course I keep thinking about Diane. I wonder why she died. Was it an overdose? Something unexpected? She was in tons of pain. Whatever did it, I hope she died peacefully. I’m pretty sure she lives in the apartment where someone else died unexpectedly. If not that one, then next to it.


I am thoroughly disgusted with what I learned about the plumbing. Someone went to the new managers to tell them there was another leak. They dismissed it as not being so bad. That’s where the pipes broke for Christmas and now a whole new section of the building is soaked and sheet rock has fallen down. Apparently the disaster people had to come here with their water suckers and fans…yet again. This place sucks 😦 Several people are sick from the dust and mold. Some have been that way for months. If a person is poor enough to live here, moving is probably very, very difficult because of both cost to move and very few places available for rent elsewhere that are affordable. Sigh….


And for me…I noticed that my breathing is making my back hurt more than my chest. I wonder why my shoulder blades hurt so much? It must be related to my shoulders taking over for my weak diaphragm when I breathe. Olive did a weird thing soon after I fell asleep last night. She kept bopping at my CPAP hose. When I was too tired to wake up, she again climbed up on my chest and made tight circles while stomping on my chest. Then she curled up on top of my chest. What the heck does she know that I don’t? I wish I could speak cat. That’s the second time she has done that. Both times I was on the edge of unconsciousness.


All morning I felt awful. Finally I gave up and took a nap. I still felt yucky when I woke up, too. Darn. This is the worst for myasthenia gravis since my February 2015 myasthenic crisis. Usually I can shake the muscle weakness and fatigue….at least a little bit. No such luck right now. It was good to rest, though.


On one of my forays to the fridge, I noticed the leftovers in there. Must have been the kid’s burgers. I sent a note to Heather asking if I could eat them….but got no message back. I went ahead and snarfed them 🙂 Wow! It ended up being a bigger meal than I meant to eat. I sauteed an onion, mushrooms, the burgers cut up and added some spices. Then I stirred in a diced tomato and avocado. There were fries on the side, so I nuked them. I scraped off the buns and tossed them in the trash. Yum 🙂 I always like their leftovers. I hope they don’t want them back!


Pauline, a frequent visitor, came to check on me. She kept using kind words to say I looked like hell. After we talked for a while, as she was leaving, I stood up so I could close the door. Oh, crap! I went numb from head to toes and came within seconds of passing out. Pauline looked very alarmed 😮 It’s always good for me to have confirmation that other people notice I’m not doing so well. I am the queen of guilt…..always afraid I am somehow making it up 😛


I kept my window wide open for about an hour while the temperature was 16 degrees. I also had the fan blowing on me. I am still sweating profusely. Sigh….


I hope I feel better tomorrow…..