Yesterday tricked me. I thought I was getting stronger. Ummmm, nope. This morning I just got droopier and weaker as time went on. Dang it! My voice wasn’t too bad this morning. You just never know what body part will work and what won’t.


Fletcher gets worried when my eye droops. Each time he lifted up my eyelid or eyebrow, my face got stronger and felt better. He grabbed the camera and took pics of me. The above one is creepy. My eye is mostly drooped closed, but you can see the bottom of my eyeball. He also took a bunch of me looking half dead 😛 I got real weak and droopy all over.


They didn’t hang around long once it was obvious I was a wreck. I spent the afternoon and evening with the window open a crack and the fan blowing on me. A few times when I went to move my left leg from the ottoman, I discovered it was glued down thanks to the fluid seeping from my leg. Eeeeewwww!!!!


My feet, legs and all the rest of me are incredibly swollen. Every swollen bit of me hurts. Yup, torture. The hernia continues to get bigger daily. I’m shocked to see myself….as seen by Fletcher standing in my wheelchair. Ick. I’m glad I was able to read books to the grandsons before I got too worn out today.


Pic Fletcher took of his parents 🙂


Porter put stickers all over himself 


Fletcher in his teal coat, coloring in teal. That’s the official color for myasthenia gravis awareness 🙂

As the sun was going down, I went out to take pics of the pink mountains to the east and the orange glow from the west. While I was out there, I looked in the community room window. OMG! The whole place was flooded by the latest leak. Things look very trashed 😦 Why are they leaving it soaking wet and closed up????

Yesterday and the day before, I had knee pain that made me scream. It was as if my kneecap was violently trying to separate from my body. I found a whole page of people complaining about the exact same thing. A few said it was the worst pain of their life. It made me feel better just to know I wasn’t the only one! So far, that pain has not come back today 🙂


Around 8 PM, I got very allergic. No idea what is triggering me. I have become a snot machine. I wonder how much all the mold in this building is getting to me? I cannot figure out anything else. Benadryl hasn’t helped.

I guess I don’t have much positive to say tonight. Sorry 😦