When I think about each day, I remember little. Then I look at pics or read something from my daughter and remember more. Usually it’s a day or two later when stuff makes sense in my brain. It’s disorienting when I realize…my daughter has cleaned something or done stuff….hours or days after she did it. I wonder why I was so clueless…how come I didn’t notice?

I do best with one other person. With lots of noise and people moving around, I think most of my brain just shuts down. Plenty of things can happen all around me, without me noticing. I can focus on one kid or one adult….and that’s iffy. I think that’s mostly thanks to West Nile Virus, but the edema in my head sure isn’t helping. My pea size brain is floating on a sea of extra fluid. It’s trippy.

Lot’s of sweating today. I don’t pee much. All that fluid has to get out of me somehow. My dripping leg is doing it’s best to try to drain me. I must be demented….but at this point I am missing those soaking night sweats I used to have. Thanks to Plaquenil, the night sweats went away. The all-over edema absolutely, positively totally sucks. I used to think my most likely way to die was suffocation. Now it looks more like drowning.

Well….that’s cheery, huh? šŸ˜› I just uploaded the pics 4 year old Porter took today. He has an unnatural fascination with the handicap fire alarm near the ceiling. It’s bright red. When a building-wide fire alarm goes off, it also has a strobe light to go with the ear-splitting alarm. Every day I delete many, many pics of it. Here are his 4 most interesting pics of the day…


Close-up of bro Fletcher


Fletcher and the noisy jet fighter


Droopy grandma Wendy


I must have been spaced out and in pain. I keep the pillow on me in self-defense.

The kids seem unfazed and mostly oblivious to my physical shortcomings…but both of them like either covering my eye to fix my voice, or lifting my drooped eyelid.

heather-stealing-food luke-stealing-fries

My favorite pics of the day were taken elsewhere by Heather and her husband. They are snitching tasty morsels when the kids aren’t paying attention šŸ™‚