I slept 3 hours and woke up gasping and coughing. Sitting here, it has only gotten worse 😮 My chest feels like it has a truck sitting on it.


It doesn’t help that it’s now temperature inversion season 😦 The forecast is for several days of awful air….and this next week…. below zero degree temperatures. Where oh where is my purple long underwear???


Ha! The forecast had below zero this morning,  then all temps were above zero and this evening the forecast has warmed up even more…with more snow 😛 Don’t blink!


The older boys spent the day with their other grandmother. I decided it had been a week and I needed more ice cream and salad greens….so off to Trader Joe’s I went. While procrastinating my departure, the smog was awful!


Even Olive thought the air was gross!


Earlier the smog was so thick that I could not see the parking garage next door or the condos across the street.


All trees and other plants were covered in ice crystals


It is very frustrating to be in a wheelchair in a snowy city. People have had since Christmas to clear the snow, but few curb cuts are passable and many sidewalks have not been shoveled at all. I had to use people’s driveways to go out into the road, then travel in a lane….much to the consternation of drivers. Here are a few examples. I wish I had taken pics of the worst spots…but I was busy being mad and trying not to cry.

Luke, Heather and Desmond were here a short time. Desmond gets more agile each day. He turns himself into a pretzel and can flip from belly to back. Watching his face is hilarious. The flipping or wedging himself in a corner makes him look like he’s thinking “How the heck did I get here???” Snicker….

Today has been scary for me. It took a loooooong time to get my boots on. I tucked my red PJ’s into the boot top. That leg hurt the whole time I was gone because it’s really too swollen to be in a boot! The entire bottom of the PJ leg was soaked in leaking edema when I got home. Also, this is about the worst my chest has ever felt. It hurts a lot 😦 Doing the slightest thing has me SOB and wicked bad MG weak. Standing up is a very, very scary thing!

Olive likes cuddling today. She has been between my feet while I am writing.

Well….hard to think, hard to breathe. I went and sat outside in the nice cold polluted air for at least half an hour. it was 21 degrees. That helped me get MG stronger. The nasty air outside seemed to be better than the awful air in here. Pfffftttttt……