Time flies. I am going to be sad when Heather and family go back to China 😦 I have to decide how much I am going to pursue medical help. Without being in hospice, I don’t have a whole lot of guidance about what to do. Like what can be fixed? What must I just endure? Last night and today have been very painful and scary. The edema is winning. My internal organs feel both swollen and squished. My liver and spleen are so swollen that it feels like they are trying to pry my ribs apart. My lungs feel squished by all the edema and my heart beats all wrong a lot of the time. I am exhausted just sitting still in my chair. Trying to do stuff gives me tons of chest pain. Ugh.


There is too much pressure inside of me! I just burped for an hour…and that helped. Then I gave in and cried big tears. Cool! That instantly felt better 🙂 I still feel like a bomb ready to explode…but it doesn’t hurt unmercifully….just awfully 😛 Even my leaky leg is draining with more vigor. For some reason, I had not thought about using my inhaler. After a couple of puffs, I could breathe a bit easier and immediately took a nap.


I woke up choking. Sorry this is gross, but I coughed up great gobs of phlegm when I woke up. Then when Heather and Desmond got here, I used the inhaler again. I started coughing up gunk like a cat with hairballs. Very gross! But….each time I could breathe somewhat better. Unfortunately I was choking so hard while holding Desmond that I started to black out. Luckily Heather is quick on her feet and swooped in.


Now I have an even worse sore throat 😦 And it’s starting to feel like I have bronchitis or pneumonia. Dang it! I had to go and tell Heather my hernia has become the least of my problems. Ha ha ha ha. Jokes on me. All this coughing has got the hernia ripping again 😦 And ohhhhhhhhhhh…….my head hurts sooooooo bad 😦


I am keeping it in the back of my mind that I might need to go to the ER this weekend. Sigh…..  OMG! As the evening goes on, it feels more and more like something vital got ripped in my abdomen. Not good. I don’t want to go to the hospital! Gee….it was January 1, 2009 that I ended up in the hospital with a stroke. I never want to do that again! No doc would agree to attend to me. When one did, he died a few days later. Such is my luck….

Hey! My body waited until 7 PM to break into a massive sweat. I am burning up. Never a dull moment.

Oh, good! Heather sent some pics 🙂


Olive looks like she is protecting me from Heather


desmond-the-truckerDesmond the good-natured truck guy

Olive comes over, taps me on the shoulder and wants to breathe my breath several times a day


Olive is wondering what sort of creature is on our floor. Desmond is intrigued at that black furry thing. And Wendy’s swollen feet and legs 😦