My birthday is a week from today! Woooohoooo! I got one of my wishes. I was really surprised to wake up at 3 AM and see several inches of snow covering everything. They got the forecast wrong šŸ™‚ Snow was only expected north of here. That was a bad thing for drivers. UDOT was not prepared to do much plowing, so there were lots of accidents on the slick roads.

When the snow let up, there was blue sky, sun and a lot less air pollution šŸ™‚ But then clouds moved in fast and it started snowing again. We are now expecting snow tonight and a different batch of snow later tomorrow. Heather and family should be winging it back to China in the morning. It sure was fun having them all here šŸ™‚

They insisted on doing some errands for me since I “can’t get there from here” in my wheelchair. Sidewalks, roads and curb cuts are a mess all over again. I shouldn’t need to go anywhere but the pharmacy a block away for the next week šŸ™‚ I suppose it’s time to start thinking about paratransit as a way for me to go to appointments and buy groceries. As long as the temperature is under 40 degrees, I can set up a ride with at least 24 hours notice. It seems like without fail, the days I’d love to use paratransit are freakishly warm in a sea of teens and 20 degree temps.


I was thinking I have a doc appointment somewhere on the 9th, my birthday. Of course the forecast is for RAIN….and temps above 40. Sigh….awful weather for public transportation! Traditionally, my birthday has been one of the coldest days of the year. Pffffffttttt……


Here’s my lunch. The chips that came with yesterday’s mole and some spinach artichoke dip mixed with a diced avocado. Yummy šŸ™‚

For supper I had 2 pieces of oat bread….one slice with lime mayo, the other slice with bacon jam. In between…3 slices of roast beef and some sliced tomato. A cut up avocado on the side. I love TJ’s tiny avocados šŸ™‚

As usual, I uploaded Porter’s photos of the day…to find lots of the fire alarm…again šŸ˜› Here’s what else he captured. It’s interesting to see what a 4 year old sees.


Is it even possible for me to swell up any more?



Hmmm…the above pic looks like only half an adult. Interesting perspective.

mom-and-dad the-parents

Darn! You look so sad šŸ˜¦


tired-fletch engrossed

The bothered brother



Mellow, easy going Desmond

I don’t know what to think about me. I have been coughing up thick yellow crud from my lungs all day. Wears me out. Makes me weak all over. I went out to get the mail mid-afternoon and every person who saw me said I looked awful and a few thought I should call an ambulance right then and there. I seem to boomerang back and forth between pretty good for me or at death’s door….from moment to moment. I don’t really know what to think or do. Heather keeps repeating that she would have bet any amount of money that I would be dead by now.


Only God knows the timing of my life and death. I’m always confused! I have been going from freezing to burning up. And until it started again just now…I had forgotten about the quivering, buzzing, tremoring, earthquake-like fun and games my body does for attention. Tonight one of the coughs popped something in my left eye. Another time coughing made a bulge in my throat, then a snap in my right temple. Eeeeewwwww!!!!