I tried calling my doc’s office and got an endless loop recording. Then I sent an email. No such luck having anyone respond. I coughed and choked and brought up yellow gunk from my lungs every few minutes most of the night and all of today. It was one of those days that being dead sounds good.


Oh, oh….another one bites the dust. I don’t mention all the MG deaths, but there was another one today. A woman. R.I.P.

I have become super MG-weak. When I took a shower this morning, I began crumbling to the floor. Thank goodness I was holding onto the grab bars with both hands! I saved myself just before hitting thanks to a super human rush of adrenaline. Shampooing and fixing my shirt collar take every ounce of strength I have.

Around 1 PM, my coughing got a tad better. I took that opportunity to go over to the clinic’s pharmacy and pick up my meds. I went to the front desk and asked to be seen ASAP. I waited maybe 5 minutes 🙂 The doc thinks I have either bronchitis or pneumonia. He wants me to get a chest x-ray to help diagnosis. He thinks the underlying problem is my wicked bad overall edema. He prescribed bigger doses of Bumex and an antibiotic called cefdinir. It does not seem to be on the do-not-take list for myasthenia gravis….and I don’t ever remember taking it before. I ingested my first pill and will hope for the best. Me and antibiotics often don’t play well together.

At the office, I felt like I was burning up. Rivulets of sweat were going down my forehead and the rest of my body. Because I am perverse like that, my temperature was 95. The nurse checked and rechecked 3 times. By the time I got home, my undergarments were wet enough to wring out. I sure do NOT feel well 😦

The obnoxious surgeon called the awful neuro office at the U and told them I need to be seen. I am supposed to call for an appointment. These are the people who tried to convince the judge that I should not be allowed to get IVIg. How could this go wrong??? Sigh…..


I just opened my third box of Kleenex today! They were mostly used to cough up junk from my lungs. I also managed to use a whole stack of bandanas. My lips are sooooo chapped! I had spicy chicken for lunch and spicy salsa with Hatch chili salsa for supper. Whoa….those things stung my lips 😮


Sweet potato fries with chicken wings and legs.


Leftover kid quesadillas with grape tomatoes, 99 cent guacamole and leftover salsa from take-out.

I want to know why I am so stupid? I should have asked the doc for codeine cough syrup!!!! I am wicked bad sore from all this coughing and choking. So far, not getting any better. My hernia is taking the brunt of all that coughing. Ouch.