All things considered, it’s truly amazing that I am still in this plane of existence! Someone from my West Nile virus group posted this article. “In the largest study to investigate the long-term effects of West Nile virus, researchers found that patients aged younger than 60 years who appeared to have recovered from the virus were 11 times more likely to die several years after infection compared with the general population.” Add in my chance of early death from each of my health challenges and it’s truly remarkable that I am still here. I want people to remember that. I’m less than thrilled when I am accused of being a quitter who just gave up. I have been through sooooooooooo much! And I have fought my way to still be here today.

Last night, I was asleep by 9. I woke up at 1 AM and felt better than I had in a long time. But….after a trip to the bathroom and back to bed, the coughing commenced. I have been sitting here for hours coughing crud out of my lungs. I have totally filled my big kitchen garbage container in 24 hours from just used kleenexes. Do you have any idea how much energy and pain that represents? Ugh. I am feeling worn to a nub. Here’s hoping that each day’s dose of antibiotics helps me feel better!

Gee…I just found myself quoted in a Salt Lake Trib news story. It’s something blog readers have heard before. It’s also been on my mind a lot this winter. SNOW. Especially the snow keeping me from following sidewalks to the grocery store or TRAX. I lucked out yesterday when going to the health clinic. Lately the Dept of Workforce Services has been doing a better….but not great job of clearing their walks and curb cuts. The other side of the street was not cleared.


Along the 800 side of pawn shop on State Street


Stupid barbershop and title loan place shovels from sidewalks to their business, but not the public sidewalks 😦


This crippled up old guy struggled mightily on the barbershop/title loan stretch. I slid all over in my chair.


Curb cut across 200 on 800


Curb cut along 200, across 800.


No man’s land between Lowell Apartments and Workforce Services. This happens EVERYWHERE around the city….no one takes responsibility even though both places should clear snow to the access road….and across it.

TV news says there were about 400 accidents between Friday and Monday, plus 3 state trooper cars were hit. Today we are under a Winter Storm Warning. It totally sucks to be this sick, have a rainy/snowy day, while needing to negotiate messy sidewalks and uncleared curb cuts… get to the hospital. The more I think about it, the more depressed I get! These pics are from yesterday. The pics underneath here are from the apartment parking lot. At least the middle is clear. When Heather was here, it was sometimes a mess. Very shameful that a better job is not done to clear the lot. People break bones and get concussions out there each year.

mess-for-seniors apartment-lot shameful-parking-lot handicap-spots

When I lived in the Adirondacks in a senior apartment, they were way more safety conscious and kept the parking lot clean. Ahhhhh….Utah….home of Republicans where they are more into rugged individualism rather than care and safety. What a cop-out. It just means the landlord saves money while Medicaid and Medicare pay thousands to repair all the broken people.

I only got to sleep 2 more hours this morning. Once the coughing calmed down, I quickly fell asleep. I woke up to Olive on top of me, with a horrible shrill, wheezy choking. It was a mighty struggle to open my eyes. I immediately dozed off again. Her choking got worse. I woke up and found the cat first aid book. Not very helpful.

I fussed about Olive for a while and got her to come to me. I just kept petting her. Thank goodness her breathing got better and the choking tapered off. She fell asleep on the pillow beside me. I decided to take my blood sugar. It was 65 😮 I ate some emergency chocolate 🙂 What if Olive had not woken me up?


Eventually I made myself pita sandwiches for breakfast. A pita cut in half, bacon jam, lime mayo, diced tomatoes, diced avocado and a slice of roast beef in each half. I can taste better! Must be thanks to the antibiotics?

I always forget to take pics of my salads. For lunch, I nuked 8 chicken teriyaki meatballs…then cut them in quarters. I added grape tomatoes, an avocado, red and green butter lettuce, cruciferous crunch, my free Friday download ranch dressing, chow mein noodles and tossed it up. I could taste that better than usual, too 🙂

Around noon I coughed so hard that I could not move for a while. Then there was a loud rumbling noise and my whole apartment kept shaking. I was trying to crane my neck up enough to see if it was a snowplow or what? Olive was going nuts, running back and forth to the window. That’s when I looked up. It was military helicopters going around and around SLC. I went to Twitter and discovered they were here for the governor’s inauguration. Politicians just love fanfare 😛 It shows their true colors….it’s all about self-aggrandizement, not service.

I was not exactly in a great mood. I have been miserable sick 😦 I was almost ecstatic when I got an email from the clinic that I could come over and get a bottle of codeine cough syrup. Since chugging some, I more easily coughed out the yellow gunk and feel way more relaxed and comfortable. Any improvement is fantastic! 🙂 I desperately hope to sleep tonight.

Yikes! 5 blocks from me a man in a wheelchair was tossed in the snow and robbed. Sometimes I see creepy people eyeing me and know they are thinking about doing that to me.


I stumbled upon 6 Unique Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron. A few of the recipes look tasty 🙂 And speaking of tasty….I was brave and strong! I was able to bend long enough to find more leftovers in my fridge. I am going to guess that it’s some sort of pulled pork and there was a blob of guacamole with it. I stirred in what was leftover from yesterday’s spicy guacamole, added the last of the sour cream and some yummy salsa and ate it with tortilla chips. It’s always fun after Heather leaves….to discover what sorts of interesting leftovers that are lurking in the fridge. Mmmmmmm……


And….usually my legs are up on the ottoman. When they get numb, I put them down for a while. Sometimes there are little “lakes” from my dripping leg. Of course I never take a pic of the impressive ones. Here’s a little puddle after about 20 minutes.


Sounds good! I am going to get rid of my stress by having some dessert 🙂