This is the 9 AM weather radar. The snow is now south of us….and should stay mostly south.

It’s been snowing all night and I need to go see my endocrinologist today. I made an appointment for paratransit to pick me up and bring me home. We will see how that goes.


Yesterday our high temperature was 44.6 degrees. Tonight the low is predicted to be 3 degrees. That makes a real mess of ice and snow. Avalanche danger is high.

Jeezum Crow!!! I had a horrible night and morning of coughing. I am wicked bad weak. I managed to shower and get dressed. I had to put on slippers because I’m too swollen for my boots. My leg was leaving some serious lakes of fluid on the floor. It would fill a boot in an hour. I was too weak to put on my coat, so went out to the lobby to get help. Thank goodness for 6 foot 7 inch Brian! He was able to tower over me in my chair and had nice long arms to go around all of me and the chair. Then we waited….and waited….and waited. 50 minutes later, I was just getting out my phone to call when the paratransit bus pulled up to the front door. He said the roads were a mess.


Can you see my problem? When the dispatcher asked for the address, I quickly looked it up online. 50-50 chance of getting it right. FAIL!

The driver thought I would be late for my appointment, but we went anyway. When he pulled up to the hospital….it was the wrong one! I had accidentally given the dispatcher the address for Jordan Valley Medical Center in West Valley….but I really meant to go to Jordan Valley Medical Center in West Jordan. Too confusing!!!!! I know how to get there on TRAX….but am clueless about roads.

I called my endocrinologist’s office to let them know I was at the wrong hospital, only to be told that they had tried to call me this morning to cancel. Even the doc could not “get there from here”. On the news they were telling people to not go to work. Figures. I was too busy coughing to hear anything. And the doc’s office had my old phone #. I hate that they refuse to use email!

So the paratransit driver told me I could wait at the wrong hospital for almost 2 hours for my ride home…or he could just take me home. I chose home. I probably should have stayed for a chest x-ray, but tough! The interstates were a nightmare. Deep snow/slush and not very well plowed. We passed an idiot motorcyclist on the interstate in maybe 8 inches of that mess! The cops were putting his bike on a flatbed. What a moron!

I get back to my apartment building and Brian is still out front shoveling. He was surprised to see me 🙂 I was ready to kiss the earth for being delivered from road hell. The cop cars were still here. Back to that…..



While struggling to get ready this morning, I saw an ambulance leaving. When I got out to the lobby to wait for paratransit, there were 4 cop cars. I knew that probably meant another unattended death. At first no one was talking. It was Faye. Poor Faye was in tons of pain. One of her legs was totally twisting in a circle. She had lots of other health challenges. I talked to her most days. Unfortunately she was a prolific smoker. She had been coughing a bunch more lately. Several people here have flu and/or pneumonia right now. We are all goners. The last person who died at Christmas lived near the woman who died today. That’s where the apartments are full of water and mold from the water leaks…..and many of the apartments have bedbugs 😮

I was also sitting out there talking to Gordon. His apartment is full of bed bugs. I hope none of them jumped from his ship to mine! He was busy removing all the objects that would melt when the bed bug heaters were rolled in by the exterminators later. Candles, thin plastics, CHOCOLATE!

OMG! I am severely weak. I could not raise my arm enough to wave my key fob across the scanner to get in the building. I was too weak to prepare breakfast or lunch. My coughing is getting weaker. I can barely swallow. My quivery muscles have turned into very obvious tremors. Fainting or choking to extinction seems all too probable. My lungs are much worse. I have used 2 more boxes of tissues. My throat is spasming. I’m not so sure I can get up from this chair. I am suffering from survivor guilt. I keep being in tough shape, but my neighbors are dying all around me. I think I will go eat some chocolate…..if I can get there from here.


I got up for a pita sandwich like yesterday’s and some chocolate shards. I was standing by the door when the UPS man knocked on it. Heather sent me a pocket calendar! Just in the nick of time, too. I have 2 doc appointments coming up….and had nowhere to write them down. I had a calendar just like this, but with a different design for 2014 to 2015. It’s the perfect size and sturdiness for keeping track of appointments.


I was hungry for lunch…but eating was painful. Every single bite was hard to swallow and I kept choking. At supper time I used the last of my salad fixings to make a yummy salad. Until I said that, I had not consciously thought about the fact that I could taste it! Must be the antibiotics really are reviving my taste buds. I choked the entire time I was trying to eat the salad….and I aspirated some greens. I am still choking a few hours later 😦

My new, improved dose of Bumex is working amazingly well. I have to pee every few minutes. Before I took diuretics today, my legs were so swollen that I could not bend them enough to get up out of my chair. That’s the tightest swollen I have been in years. I am surprised my legs have not sprung more leaks. Freaky.

My stomach muscles feel beat up. The coughing and choking is brutal. I need to be very careful not to choke on food or the junk in my lungs. There were some close calls today.