Tissues have become my most valuable companions….besides Olive, of course!

I woke up this morning with violent coughing. Oh gross! I was coughing up lots of bright red blood. I hurried quicker than usual to go through the whole regimen of pills, inhaler and cough syrup. For each step I have to cough up lots of crud before I can go to the next. Two hours later and I am a limp noodle.

There’s a big reason I do not usually accept a prescription for narcotics. They make myasthenia gravis worse. In this case, codeine cough syrup is the only thing making my life bearable right now. I need it to quell the stupid bronchial pneumonia coughing. But…I am soooooo, soooooo weak 😦 Feels like my body weighs a bazillion pounds. Thanks to the massive amounts of edema, that’s not too far from the truth. Darned hard to breathe thanks to the hernia obstructing my diaphragm and the codeine making it even weaker. All things myasthenia are worse.

For a few days now, I have been stumped. Each time I use the toilet, then pull up my undergarments, the left leg of them is soaked. I kept wondering if I was somehow peeing on them? Was my insulin pump leaking? Was there water coming out of the toilet? I figured it out…and I feel so dumb! The leak in my left lower leg gets bigger each day. When my underwear goes around my ankles, that edema soaks in to my undergarments. It seems pretty darn obvious now that I figured it out. Duh!!!

My thinking processes often slow to a crawl. Sometimes it takes days for me to realize what someone has done for me or said to me. My brain goes in slow motion…working along at glacial speeds. Seemingly out of the blue, answers come to me. The old brain has been working on it without me realizing.

Wrote the above and kept falling asleep sitting up. Got in bed and woke up 4 hours later. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on!  The doc told me that the fact I am coughing up yellow instead of clear might be because of white blood cells rushing to my lungs to deal with infection. I noticed that this afternoon, I am only coughing up yellow about half the time. The other half is clear. I hope that means the antibiotics are working.


Oh….the last few nights I have felt like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen while sleeping. I felt both ends of the tubing and it seemed OK. Yesterday, in frustration, I undid the tubing to check it all. Yup….a big chunk of tubing was messed up. Bad Olive! I’m guessing she took advantage of Heather making my bed for me. Olive must have snuck in and chomped on the tubing. I suspect the reason I slept so much better last night and for today’s nap was oxygen. Ahhhhhh….I love that stuff 🙂

Speaking of Heather, I was surprised to find a Mary Engelbreit desk calendar in my mailbox today! Thank you 🙂 Now I have days of the week and months covered. I love the pics and sayings for each day.

Often I slap a tissue over the leak in my leg. Tonight I used that tissue to mop up what edema had escaped, then got up to go to the bathroom. I promptly forgot everything. When I put my underwear back on, the left leg was soaked. From then on, I paid more attention. I have discovered that when I walk, the edema pumps out at a pretty good clip. I should have known that. It comes out an awful lot for just sitting still with my legs on the ottoman. Eeeeewwww…..

Two of my neighbors came over to check on me today. That was nice of them 🙂 I think everyone is on edge after 2 deaths, several hospitalizations and quite a few sick folks in the building. I found out that Faye could have been dead a few days. She was still sitting in her chair with a cigarette in her hands when found. Must have been sudden. Nice to know it was quick. Sorry you are gone Faye….I am going to miss talking to you.


Amazingly, I’m still hanging on. Another salt lamp bulb bit the dust, though. I need to go shopping! They didn’t have any of the right bulbs at Smith’s last time I was there. Also, I ate my last salad greens yesterday. So…..I looked at the weather forecast. First off I was shocked to see that it’s zero degrees outside. The forecast is not for that cold. I have not turned the heat on all day and I am sitting here in a flimsy nightgown with the fan on me. Looks like it will be awhile until I can get to the store. Chair life this winter is challenging. There are already flood warnings out in Utah for the upcoming warmer temps and rainfall. Weirdo weather.