Take that grim reaper!!! 😛 I often feel way too close to the edge, but I’m here today 🙂 I was awake much of the night coughing and choking. It’s because I was an idiot. I seemed better, so I did not use my inhaler or codeine cough syrup yesterday. Well, my lungs were full of crud in the middle of the night 😦 I coughed until I had no strength left. Woke up this morning with a blood sugar of 64. Intense tremoring going on despite chocolate milk and a sausage egg breakfast biscuit. I might have to force myself to eat candy if I don’t stop shaking pretty soon. It makes my heart feel spongy when it beats.

ominous lit-up

I had a doc appointment at 10:30 AM. Wow! was I ever surprised how nice it was outside! 🙂 50 degrees! I wish my brain had been in gear. I got there and could not fork over my co-pay because I left my wallet at home. The doc seemed taken aback by how much worse I am. I felt like an idiot when I burst into tears. I told him I was awfully sick. Turns out the x-ray was not to confirm pneumonia, but to see if I have congestive heart failure. He was surprised how much more swollen I was in a week. He has raised my Bumex dose from 2 to 4 mg. He also did another script for albuterol and one for the codeine cough syrup. And he said I had to get the x-ray ASAP. At the pharmacy, I could not pick up an opioid without ID….so I went home for the missing wallet.


I got in my apartment and stood up to find my wallet. My coat caught on the wheelchair’s joystick and the chair lunged forward and cut my leg. It hurt A LOT! I went back to pay my $3 and pick up meds. The pharmacist noticed my leg right away. Sigh….  I was about to keep going to the hospital, but realized I had left the x-ray order at home. I did the exact same thing to my leg again when I got to my apartment to search for the paper! I didn’t care that it was dripping blood….I wanted to get to the hospital and get home before the weather deteriorated.


The x-ray was quick and easy. Then I went over to Huntsman to get my port flushed. The nurses saw my leg and insisted on cleaning it up. I got on TRAX and decided to get off at Trader Joe’s. I missed going there myself. Crummy samples…just Caesar salad and some kind of green juice. My big score was 4 jars of garlic and onion jam 🙂 The guy stocking that aisle told me they weren’t going to get more 😮 I also grabbed the last bacon jam 🙂


So I go outside of TJ’s and the temperature must have dropped almost 20 degrees…..and it was pouring rain. I got to the TRAX platform and we were being beaten and pummeled by some sort of snowy ice pellets. It stung! The sky was amazing and frightening. The Wasatch Mountains were in bright sunlight, while a totally black cloud bank was chugging along bringing the wind and precipitation. All the pics were taken from the exact same spot!


I hated to get off TRAX. Nasty weather! By the time I got 3 blocks home, I was soaked to the bone. It was weird the way precipitation kept morphing. Every curb cut was like a moat. The sidewalks had a thick layer of snow/sleet/ice/rain. I’m surprised my wheelchair did not short out.


I kept thinking of my grandmother saying “You will catch your death of pneumonia!”. Yup….just in case I didn’t have it bad enough….I do now! I was wearing sandals and no long underwear since it was 50 when I left. 35 degrees and fierce winds coming home 😮 I quick took off the soaking clothes, turned up the heat and sat down. TV weather says we might have had a tornado!


I was scared! MG weakness enveloped me. I could barely lift my arms or legs and breathing was a struggle. As soon as I sat down, there was a puddle under my left leg. I used my inhaler and coughed up crud for an hour. Oh….I bought myself birthday treats at TJ’s. I got sushi, a banana and Belgium chocolate pudding 🙂 Perfect on a day I was almost too weak to eat. Just open and devour.


Then my bishop and home teacher came to wish me happy birthday. They brought me lotion and a candle and a birthday card. It was nice to see them 🙂 My voice was a wreck….but I talked anyway 😛 I took a swig of cough syrup when they got here because I had not had any since the middle of the night. It may or may not have helped.


This is Olive watching Story Trek on BYU TV on Sunday. I have never seen her watch TV! I sent this pic to the show.

I sure hope I don’t have to leave the building Tuesday! I need a lot of rest to make up for today.