Yesterday was crazy! Crazy weather, crazy Wendy and crazy medical appointments. I was not tired until the wee hours of Tuesday morning because I was late taking steroids thanks to all the medical stuff. I slept maybe 3 hours….then Olive woke me up. Yup….low blood sugar. I seem to be too high or too low lately. It’s hard to control my diabetes thanks to the steroids, antibiotics, inhaler, codeine cough syrup, infections and recurring diarrhea. Probably stress, too!!! Each thing is pushing and pulling my blood sugar in different directions.


I’ve talked about this before, but for a while now, I have been contemplating the meaning of gossip and why it’s important to know and somewhat understand people we share our lives with.

  •  casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.
  • a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others

Is it gossip if it’s true? If the person we are talking about has told seemingly everyone? Living in a building like this, it’s important to know who to trust, who is a substance abuser, who truly needs help, who is a moocher, etc. I try to be polite to everyone I talk to….even people who are difficult to like. In some ways, each of us are in the hands of those of us living in close proximity. You have to know whose food it’s safe to eat at a potluck. It’s important to know the sort of friends and family visiting residents. Many crimes have been committed here. People have drawn guns. Fights have broken out. Things left unsecured have come up missing. Often cases of the flu and other infections are spread person to person. Knowing stuff is self-preservation.


Look at what happened when an always-drunk guy pulled down a fire suppression sprinkler head! He had only been here a few days when he flooded the building, caused everyone to evacuate and his actions have caused unending hardships for months….and he still continues to do things that will harm many of us. Where do his rights end? Where do ours begin? Same with lots of other issues.

Smokers make me sick, drug dealers put my life at risk, free stuff in the community room might infest my apartment with bugs. Letting each other know important info about other tenants is vital to make sure we are OK. The poorer we are….the more vital the info. It’s not possible to buy our way out of trouble. Moving is expensive. Replacing stolen things can be impossible. Catching a community infection can kill us. Gah!!!!!!!

I’ve been hearing ambulances and fire trucks. Not sure which ones might have come here. The bottom has fallen out of my formerly comfy chair and I am too low to see much. Seems like something is different. I can see people looking in my window as they walk by. I never left my place today…..nor do I want to! I am grumpy from going to the 2 hospitals yesterday.


They do look a lot alike, huh? Heather thought the little one was an InstaPot….but it’s an Aroma rice cooker. The bigger one is my DI thrift store $15 Cuisinart electric pressure cooker. 

Pneumonia really sucks! It sucks out energy and it sucks out brain cells. I am weary. Slept 4 hours this afternoon to make up for staying awake half the night. Doesn’t help much. I still feel awful. When I woke up, I had a wicked sore throat. I wanted soup! I belong to several FB Trader Joe’s groups. I saw a recipe for Creamy Tuscan Garlic Tortellini Soup and have been lusting after it ever since. I made it using what I happened to have on hand along with some other TJ’s food.

3 Tbsp butter
onion, diced
2 heads garlic, chopped
pkg of your favorite TJ’s sausage…I used chicken apple
box of TJ’s free range chicken broth
2 cans diced tomatoes….or 1 big can
pkg of TJ’s spinach tortellini
pkg of TJ’s fresh baby spinach
1/2 jar TJ’s pesto…a whole jar would have been better!
2 to 3 cups shredded Parmesan
salt & pepper
cup or 2 of cream


It’s roughly based on this recipe. People stress out way too much on measurements and ingredients 😛 I was sauteing the onions and garlic in butter when my phone rang. Geeze! I just gave 2 medical systems the # yesterday! It was the hospital wanting me to come in for a test. I had to go turn down the TV while in the kitchen. I didn’t have that much strength. I was in tears and freaking out the scheduler. By the time I got back to the pot, I added broth before browning the sausage. Darn! It was still good, though 🙂


Oh, my gosh! I had to fall into my chair and gasp for breath quite a while before I could eat. I was also totally soaked through with sweat, so had the window open and fan on me. I had this puddle of fluid under my foot in 5 minutes or less. Greed and lust for yummy soup helped me do super-human things. It will take at least a day to rest up….and this was easy to make!


Here’s where I hit my leg with the wheelchair. Olive is grossed out.


My whole body is swollen to the popping point. This is soooooo not good 😦


And about my phone….I still hate it. An iPhone it’s not 😛 I read through all 30-something pages of the manual again. I had forgotten about the stilted English. It’s often hard to figure out what the heck they are talking about. I think I got dumber from reading the instructions. I could not understand why no calls have resulted in a voicemail. I went through a zillion settings and found a # for voicemail. I gingerly called it. I got Spanish. After listening to the same thing over and over, I figured out how to switch to English. I needed to follow prompts to set up a greeting. I have seen no icon for voicemail. Hopefully the phone will tell me when I have a message. So how long did it take for me to get this far? A month?