From being tortured December 2012. It was awful!

My thought of the day is that some medical treatments are worse than what’s wrong to begin with. I got a call from my doc’s office saying I need to wear compression stockings. My first impulse was to scream very loud….but I didn’t. So far, each time a doc tells me I need to wear them, I describe past experiences and tell them that all that does is cause cellulitis. Then….each time I am coerced and shamed into trying one more time…with the exact same sorry results.


How can I ever forget this in 2012?

This time it was the nice guy nurse relaying the message. My voice was broken and I couldn’t stop coughing. I probably didn’t make much sense. I tried to describe the custom edema things I got at the lymphedema clinic at Huntsman when I still lived with Rhett. They were horrid. Then there was the lymphedema specialist in Vermont who wrapped me like a mummy each day and gave me cellulitis so bad that I had to be hospitalized more than a week with IV antibiotics. There were many other attempts in my past….all either useless or disastrous. No way will I ever do that again! I don’t care how much someone thinks it’s a great idea. It isn’t! I shudder when I think about how the last leg appliances made my upper leg swell up hugely while trying to “fix” my lower leg 😮 I could easily go bonkers by thinking about this too hard.


Swollen leaky foot on Wednesday

I also got the message that my lung x-rays are “normal”. He said that in the middle of one of my coughing fits. All I did was squeak out OK. I have no idea what that means. Am I all better, now? I basically understand nothing except that I still feel miserable.


Thursday foot, somewhat less swollen.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate phone calls? 😛 If I got an email, I would have time to think and respond. Maybe that’s what they are trying to avoid, though? I’m truly sorry I ever admitted I have a phone again.


Left foot puddles

At first I thought today’s dose of Bumex wasn’t going to do anything. Now it is….just took about 3 hours to kick in. Back to rushing to the bathroom every few minutes. Why doesn’t the doc understand I cannot take Bumex on days I have to go to the hospital for tests? Probably because he never took high doses of diuretics while taking public transportation while in a very large power wheelchair 😛 There are many obstacles in my life….some obvious…some not so much. Just because someone in a car can go get a test and be back in an hour, does not mean the same thing will take me any less than 6 hours. Sigh…..


Morning light snow

I still have not called back to schedule the stupid bone density test. It makes no sense that’s suddenly something important. I had one in 2013. It’s in the gosh-awful part of the U called research park. Sidewalks are few and far between and getting to the right building requires wheeling it, TRAX, wheeling it, a university bus and wheeling it. Not for the faint of heart….and certainly not something I can do while taking diuretics and trying to recover from this lung infection! And forget it during stormy weather!!!!!!!! First things first! Priorities, people! Can you tell I am royally ticked off today? I think the biggest issue is that my doc has suddenly gotten caught up in testing the same old things than have been tested before. So much for hospice. He hasn’t said a word about it in the last month. I feel yanked around by constantly changing expectations.


Afternoon light snow

I am very cranky because my life right now revolves around coughing, spitting, blowing my nose, peeing and having diarrhea. In between I get to mop up after my leaky leg, take meds, rest a tiny bit and eat. No wonder eating was the highlight of my day yesterday. The other things get tedious. On Sunday, Brother M took out my garbage and recycling. I was just noticing that there are now 4 flattened Kleenex boxes in recycling since then. Only one unopened box still in the closet. I have used up 3 ChapSticks on my poor nose and lips thanks to all those Kleenexes. So tired of being sick and tired!!!


While I was in the bathroom, I saw my red cheeks and purple lips. My fingernails are blue-purple. My face is slightly less swollen.

I need stuff written down. What people say to me is gone in a flash. I have a hard time remembering things on a good day. I go over and over what I think I know and hope I got it right. The sicker I am, the harder it is to think. That’s why my monthly planner calendar is so important to me. I have to see appointments.

My ear is more red than purple. When the flash goes off, my nail stops looking so purple. It is several shades of purple, though.

Ha! FB knows I have been talking about pneumonia. This was in my feed. I would not usually look at this sort of site, but did it for kicks and giggles. Turns out it was all the stuff I have been taking about. I keep thinking about the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia in my experience. Pneumonia hurts way worse! I want it to go away NOW!!! There is very little strength left in me. Ummmm….no wonder I feel like crap and am turning blue and purple 😦 My oxygen saturation is 84. I’m sweating like crazy, too.

Look what I found…..

  • According to WebMD, symptoms of low blood oxygen levels include shortness of breath, fast heart rates, sweating, wheezing, mental confusion, coughing and changes in the color of the skin that can range from cherry red to blue. When these symptoms are experienced by any individual, WebMD recommends calling 911 emergency services immediately.
  • Causes of low blood oxygen levels include anemia; pneumonia; ARDs, or acute respiratory distress syndrome; COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; pulmonary edemas; sleep apnea and congenital heart disease.

Gee..describes me pretty accurately. It’s a good thing I have a CPAP machine and oxygen concentrator. When it gets unbearable, I go get in bed and breathe.


Marion stopped by to give me a Watchtower magazine. I take them so she will come visit me 🙂 She’s the only human I saw today….besides the people on the sidewalk going to and fro to 7-11. Yup…my voice still sounds like I’m a teenage boy with a changing voice. Kind of cracks me up 😛