I wonder that regularly. Just how much can my brain and body endure? Obviously the answer is quite a bit! I went to bed exhausted last night. Then I woke up 7 hours later even more exhausted. I have to cough up crud for hours…and by then I am trembling like a quaking aspen leaf. My chest hurts SO MUCH!!!


How prophetic! I wrote the title, added the video and first paragraph. Then I coughed and choked and struggled to breathe. I honestly thought I was going to die. My airway was mostly swollen shut. I got in bed with CPAP and oxygen. I said some prayers that God would please be with me. I figured I would not wake up again.


Some time an hour or two later, I woke up to 3 people looking down on me. I was very out of it and confused. I tried to pay attention, then slipped back into sleep. I might have slept another half hour? Olive did her thing again. She put all 4 paws over my chest and stomped on me in a tight circle until I woke up. It was exceedingly difficult to come to.

I took off my insulin pump and showered. Olive sat on her perch just outside the curtain and watched out for me. It was really hard to get dressed. I had almost no strength. But….you know how stubbornly independent I am? Well….I wanted to take out my garbage and recycling. I opened my door to see if anyone was in the hallway, and there was a big and little box. It was a case of Kleenex and a bottle of my skin saving tea tree oil and lavender! Thank you Heather 🙂 It was at the edge of impossible, but I slid the box across the floor. Then I sat in the living room in front of the fan. I was in la la land.


Next, Kent and Pauline came to see me. Earlier, Kent had freaked out and thought I was dead. He went and got the office people and all three of them came in. He said they yelled my name, but did not see me in the bathroom or bedroom. Then they realized both of my wheelchairs were here. They turned on my bedroom light and found me buried in pillows and under my quilt.

After Kent left with the office people, he was shook up about how I looked and acted, so he went and got Pauline. While they were here visiting, the longer we talked, the more I seemed to come alive. I kept going in and out of lucidness, but then got on a roll and we talked a long time. Olive had been calmly looking out the window, but exactly 6 hours after my last meds, she jumped down to meow and paw at me. She’s such a show-off 🙂 I dutifully downed my pills. Then Kent opened up the case of Kleenexes and put them in the bathroom for me 🙂 Later, Kent told me they had stayed for 2 hours. They left when my “shrink” showed up.


By the time the shrink got here, I was hit with waves of weakness. So frustrating! It was hard to raise my arms, move my head, etc. He helped me sort through camping equipment to give away. I think most people are amazed I am still alive. Me, too….every time I wake up!

By the time he left, I could no longer postpone a trip to the bathroom. Oh, my gosh! It’s a miracle I made it in there and back to my chair. Soooooooooo weak! I kept wondering if it was the end of me.

Now that I had a big cardboard box, taking out recycling was even more important to me. I honestly do not know how I was able to remain upright and conscious. Somehow I collected all the stuff and went out to the dumpster. I dropped everything over and over. Thank goodness it was cold outside! I got instantly stronger.

When I came back inside, I ended up talking for at least another hour near the mailboxes. Everybody said I looked awful, but I enjoyed our talks about kefir, yogurt, Vermont maple syrup and what it’s like in a sugar house while making syrup. Then I came back to my place and coughed and choked until my airway swelled almost shut again 😦


And of course….6 hours after the meds I took with Kent and Pauline here…Olive woke up from a sound sleep and started poking at me and meowing 🙂 Yup…took the pills.

I took my meds and have been chilling out in front of the fan. Today has been….eventful. Only God knows what’s next.


There’s a long list…but pneumonia is what is trying to get me at the moment.