I was seemingly OK overnight, but today has been the pits. All that choking to and from Trader Joe’s was not a good thing 😦 I woke up coughing up blood this morning. I have had some scary coughing and choking all day today. Sigh….


Each time the coughing intensifies, I can feel my breathing passages swelling shut. It got bad around noon, so I got in bed with CPAP and oxygen. It was a horribly fitful sleep. Olive kept walking on me, too. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I was struggling to breathe. When I went to turn off the oxygen concentrator, I discovered why. Olive had chewed through the oxygen tubing while I was asleep 😦 What’s going on? Why the sudden war on tubing?


As I was waking up, I could smell and taste something weird. I hope I am wrong….but I think it’s related to my kidneys not working. Dang it! I have peed less than a cup in maybe 24 hours. I even ate HALF of a watermelon and drank many cups of water. When I do pee, it is brown or green. It must be extremely concentrated to color the water in the toilet, since I hardly pee at all. The taste of my tongue is getting stranger by the hour. You know why this is happening…..right??? It’s a night during a holiday weekend!


There has not been much to my day besides coughing and sleeping. Kent dropped by for a few minutes. His pneumonia feels worse today, too! We must have a nasty strain of it. Olive sure likes him 🙂 Perhaps Olive is trying to hasten my demise so she can go live with Kent? He is excited about adopting her. Is that why Olive chewed my oxygen hose?