A little white Chevy pick up truck was parked outside my windows last night with a man, woman and dog in it. Sometimes they ran the engine for heat….which made their headlights come on. I was NOT amused. They peed in the parking lot and they also had a dog that looked like a pit/rotty mix. They were not very successful at controlling it and they did not pick up after it. They went to 7-11 for hot drinks a few times….so they were not destitute.

This morning they ran the truck a long time….with the exhaust coming in my apartment. The whole time they were staring in at me 😦 I called the office, but got voicemail, so I got dressed and went out to tell the office myself. Duh. It’s a holiday. No one is there. So I knocked on the RA’s door. My voice was barely understandable, so I had written down all the info and handed it to her.

Turns out it was family of a guy that lives here. Makes me wonder why they were not allowed to come in! Soon the RA knocked on my door. She told me next time to call the cops. Hmmmmm…..isn’t that her job? The man lives in my hall and went out to his relatives. The scary looking younger guy made ugly faces and said things while looking at me. I’m glad I could not hear him! They all drove off together.

All the creeps park by my windows 😦


I did something I have not done in months….I made my favorite scrambled breakfast with sausage, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, avocado, shredded Swiss-Gruyere cheese, eggs and served with a puddle of Sriracha and roast garlic bbq sauce. I paid a price for that! I had to keep bending over the counter to catch my breath. My very lower back just above my butt gets so painful that I kept coming close to fainting. It’s really, really hard to cook in the shape I am in.

And….for days now, when I swallow water, it often comes right back up. It was challenging to swallow my breakfast. The edema in my body now seems more concentrated in my belly. I can still taste and smell that weird breath. Yup….worried about my kidneys. Kidney function keeps bouncing around between OK for my age, to stage 3 kidney failure. I wonder what it is now? WNV and MCTD are risk factors for kidney problems. I can’t talk to my doc because today is MLK Day. I wonder if my endo can help with that? She’s the next doc I see this week.

I took a long nap this afternoon because I just plain could not breathe any more. When I woke up, my throat and lungs were full of crud that it took about an hour to cough up. That’s exhausting 😦 There were moments when I wondered if I was going to choke to death. When is this stupid pneumonia going to let up?

I’m hungry for lunch/supper, but am afraid of eating. It might be an ice cream day. I don’t think I can swallow anything else. I have no idea why my whole neck/throat is so much more swollen than even my usual swollen. My darned ears are mostly swollen shut, too.

Mail holidays are boring. Usually mail is one thing I have to look forward to….even if it’s just grocery flyers. Even when I am too sick to go get mail….at least I know there’s something waiting for me when I feel better.


Cache Valley bad air


SLC bad air

The news is full of bad air news. Geeze! Could be worse…I could live in Cache county! I hate temperature inversions 😦 Despite the mostly gray day, I quick took a pic when some blue sky and hint of sun shone through. It didn’t last long. Tuesday is forecast to be a really bad air day, with levels sometimes in the red.


From Channel 2 News…..Weather forecast for Monday, January 16, 2017
The valley inversion remains firmly locked in place across the valleys of northern Utah. Low clouds, patchy fog, and haze will stick around for the next two days as high pressure sits overhead. A few sun breaks are possible at times during the afternoon. A splitting jet stream will bring a weak storm to Utah Thursday, with a chance for light rain or snow, but with little wind, the valley haze and fog may linger.

Olive has been bugging me for half an hour….telling me it’s time for my evening meds. I have been doing my best to ignore her. It’s going to hurt like heck to swallow. I hope the darn pills will stay down. Sigh…..