I wish the stupid pneumonia was over and done with. Each time I think I cannot take any more….more happens. I’m surprised my body is able to still function with all the coughing, choking and gasping for breath that goes on. I have a new pain at the bottom of my right lung….from back to front. Every. Single. Breath 😦

I didn’t think it was possible, but today was worse than every other day. I am too weak to stand up for more than a minute. I cough until I black out. My heart pounds so hard that my whole body is bouncing up and down.


This afternoon Kent came over. Olive went nuts over him. Made me happy to know she has decided to like him so much 🙂 A few minutes after he left, Brian came to my window. Olive hissed and did her Halloween cat impression. What a difference!



Kent says his pneumonia got so much worse that he went back to the doc and got more antibiotics. Since I’m sicker than Ken….I guess I should do the same. Sigh…..at least I know it not just me being too wimpy. This is a nasty affliction.

I got cheered up because Heather sent me a video of her and Desmond swinging together. Clever contraption! A kid swing facing an adult swing so they swing together. Oooohhh….I found it. They are called an Expression Swing! Made in Australia.