Saturday we had a hefty snow storm. People are still digging out from it. That’s why it’s even more surprising that birds have chosen now to come back. I missed seeing them. Usually all we have had this winter is small flocks of seagulls. Hmmmmm….


The storms just kept rolling in

I have been noticing the creep of creepiness. Our local CBS station is owned by the Sinclair Group. I’m not sure if I have been grossly unobservant or if they have been slowly but surely changing things. There were these opinion segments tacked on at the end of programs. I kept checking what station I was watching because they sounded more like FOX news than CBS. Then I started noticing that the Sinclair Broadcast Group was mentioned more and more often. Then people who had been on local TV for a long time started disappearing. Sunday morning, a program came on that shocked me by the tone of it. Whenever lots of adjectives are used in place of factual info, my radar for creepiness goes of.


Rise of Terrorism: Holy War is the program. It gave me the creeps on two fronts. I don’t understand why humans have to keep having the same wars over and over….and whoever wrote and produced this program did it to enforce their particular view. It was anything but fair and balanced.


I have been sooooo close to myasthenic crisis….over and over….thanks to this bout of pneumonia 😦

And…about that no coughing yesterday? Last night and today is more than making up for it. So much crud in my sinuses and lungs! 😦 I want to go crawl in bed, but people are supposedly going to be here in an hour or two.


Wrote that, realized I was crazy to suffer not breathing well and slept 2 hours. Was awake 10 minutes and the missionary, Sister M, brought me my laundry. I realized I just plain cannot talk until most of the crud has been coughed out of my lungs. Talking makes it way worse 😦 I was not much fun to be around.


I’m at a real unpleasant part of my life right now. Very sick. Very miserable. And….I don’t have a clue what to do about it. All the coughing and MG weakness has made it very difficult to read or even watch TV. The world is a pair of blurs. I cannot seem to shake the double vision for even a few minutes. Call me cranky!


The above is how my reading vision is more often than not.


Usually my double vision is side by side and one objet is higher up than the other


Sometimes there are 2 objects of the same size, just overlapping


Stacked double vision happens to me the least often, but has been like that this week. The first time my eyes saw this way, I ended up being hospitalized.


I’m trying….