Most of the night and morning, we had rain. Several other counties cancelled school because of all the snow and ice, but here in the valley, just rain and temps in the high 30’s. Around noon I realized it was neither raining or snowing. I got the garbage ready to take out. There by the office was the guy who is sometimes nice, sometimes a liar…..the one who has emailed me 3 times to say they JUST ordered the needed parts for my worthless new wheelchair! He was talking to Pauline, who truly hates him 😛

I decided it was an excellent time to get my mail that had not been collected in days. Pauline had to say hi to me 😦 I could not escape. Mr wheelchair man came over and watched me open mail. He claimed he had come to see me. I was trying to ignore him. That made him want to talk to me even more. He said they REALLY were going to fix my useless new chair. Then he gets a message and says they already have the parts. I did not believe him now any more than the last 6 months or so.


He went back to talking to Pauline. She told him he needed to take out my garbage! Snicker…..I lucked out. Third time someone has helped me with garbage. I told Pauline I was going to Trader Joe’s and left. I wanted some ice cream and some mochi rice nuggets. I was sooooooooo bummed! I trekked 1.2 miles through the streets, around unplowed sidewalks and there was NO ice cream in the freezer case. Instead, there were 2 workmen standing around looking at the defrosting empty space. I told the guy I was sad 😦 He said no problem….there was ice cream in the back 🙂 Whew! Emergency avoided!

At the same moment I was having an employee put ice cream in my insulated bag, Mr wheelchair man popped around the corner and said he was looking for me. Pauline had told him where to find me! He said the wheelchair fix-it people would be at my apartment at 2 PM. It was then 1:10. Sigh….so much for time to leisurely peruse all the yumminess at Trader Joe’s. I quick grabbed some tomatoes, avocados and bananas and was out the door.

Just in the time I had been inside Trader Joe’s, the weather had deteriorated. About halfway home I tried using my umbrella to protect me from the slush falling from the sky. After less than a block, I had to fold up the umbrella because the wind got serious and tried to wreck it.

No sooner did I make it to my building than a blizzard started. There was a white-out. Geeze! Within a few minutes the 2 wheelchair fix-it guys showed up. They took my chair out in the hallway and spent at least a couple of hours taking off useless parts and putting on better ones. I went halfway down my hall and back to try it out. Seems better. I am so very not with-it.

Maybe my coughing is an every other day thing? I have not coughed much today. Yesterday was the pits. Today I am hugely swollen for the problem of the day. My voice is both squeaky and husky.

Pauline and Kissing Helen came to visit. Pauline hauled off the toys for her grandkids. Yup…..getting more empty in here.


One of these days, myasthenia gravis is going to kill me…if the hernia or swelling or infections don’t get me first. Today was the worst SOB ever….along with almost paralyzing weakness of my arms, legs, neck and diaphragm. Really….my body has had about all it can take…..hasn’t it?

I watched a fire truck and ambulance come in, then a minute later, the mail lady. I decided I should try out my new chair and went out to talk to folks. Keep in mind that lots of people look the same to me, but I think the “sick” guy is the guy who flooded this building. The ambulance and fire department people were very angry with the guy. They told him if he called again, they would write him a citation. They ended up giving him a ride. He jumped up onto the gurney and they were off. Apparently he calls 911 at least twice a week. Well….now I know why the ambulance is here so often.

I am feeling both better and worse. Depends on which part of me I am thinking of. Kent says he’s the same way. We both have burning lungs and constant back and forth sweats then chills. I think it’s time somebody cultured our lungs….or something!


So, tonight much of Utah is under either a Winter Storm Watch or Warning. Not much snow is expected here in SLC, though. What a relief it is to have good air!!!! 🙂 That must be helping me breathe easier. Yes! I wish I could still breathe when standing. At least it’s easier to breathe when sitting still and not talking 🙂 That part of me is leaps and bounds better than yesterday. Here’s hoping tomorrow will break the spell and I will get 2 days in a row of better breathing!