I turn red most nights. I really miss having a neck!

I woke up right at midnight. I was struggling to breathe. So I sat up for a while…but it has been 5 hours of coughing and choking so far. I am on my third box of tissues in 24 hours. My lungs are rattling and there seems to be no end of the crud I cough up 😦 Pretty soon I am going to down some codeine cough syrup and try to go back to bed. This sucks!


I managed to accidentally rip off the most obnoxious skin tag 😮

Well, I slept less than 4 hours and woke up coughing and choking. So much for hoping the pneumonia was letting up. Both Kent, who lives in this building, and many people I have heard from online, seem to have this never-ending pneumonia. I am certainly not alone.

Figures. I took a nap for a couple of hours this afternoon. Mr wheelchair says he knocked. Something about hooks for the back of my chair…..so I can carry groceries. I guess I will find out more some other day.


Ugh….I have been coughing crud out of my lungs most of today. Eating makes it worse. Breakfast was yogurt and a banana. Lunch…carrot ginger soup with quartered chicken meatballs and some Swiss-Gruyere cheese. Supper…a sandwich with pepper jelly, bacon jam, roasted garlic and onion jam, lime mayo, a sliced tomato, 2 pieces of roast beef and some guacamole on the side.


Food and Olive are the bright spots in my life. I am very, very weary of the darned pneumonia. There’s not much more to my life than coughing, petting Olive and eating. Thank goodness for Olive 🙂 Ohhhh…..she told me my blood sugar was low this morning. I was shocked it was down to 54! I did not even feel low 😮 My blood sugar rarely makes sense any more. Later it was almost 300. Sigh….