I woke up more swollen than I have ever been. The corner of my bed where my left leg was sleeping was soaked. My leg isn’t just leaking…it’s spouting clear fluid. I soon realized the edema was also affecting my eyes. My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop and my vision was blurry. I kept hoping things would get better, but instead, more of me got even more swollen. I retrieved my bottle of Bumex.

Sigh….it did not take long until my tongue was on fire….but at least I finally started peeing. Before I swelled up, I was losing consciousness many times a day. Once I swelled up, I was able to only feel dizzy, woozy and weak…without also losing consciousness. I do not like either choice! Now all the peeing is making me extra woozy. My body is trying to decide what to do next. I feel horribly yucky 😦


Well…on second thought, I feel great compared to the dead guy upstairs 😦 I have made a zillion trips to the bathroom and back. One trip back, I saw the cop car in front of my window. And just as I was about to get up again, a fire truck went by. After a while I got dressed and went out to see what was going on this time. The rabid “Christian” ran up to me to tell me some guy name Dean had died….and that if he had not accepted Christ….she knows where he went 😮 Dang, that woman is something else 😦 She’s the one who is always telling me that she and I do not worship the same Jesus or God….and I tell her I’m glad 🙂 What a whacko.

Anyway, after talking to a few people, I think I have a story close enough to the truth. Turns out I had talked to the guy at least a couple of times. He had a full-sized white van and we talked about van living. I told him if that was my van, I’d be out of here in a flash. He seemed a bit confused, subdued and depressed. At least I was confused by him.

Today I found out he recently had hernia surgery. People thought he had been out of the hospital a week or two. Bev, my old laundry lady, went in to check on him and found him dead. Apparently he had been dead for some time as the place was stinky. Yuck. There are 3 cop cars and the crime scene unit cop here. The dead guy had openly said things like he wished he was dead. There are rumors of pills being taken. What a bummer 😦


One of the office women hurried over to me and said several people had asked if I was the dead body. Nope….I just keep being sick and out-living everybody. It’s amazing I am still alive and kicking! I was thoroughly soaked in sweat from getting dressed, so I sat outdoors a while. Then I made 2 trips back to my apartment to pee in between talking to folks in the foyer. Finally I gave up and came home. I have to go every 10 minutes or so.

It makes me sad that the guy had no one looking in on him or taking care of him after surgery. Sounds like he was a loner.

In MG news….a bunch of people are suddenly discovering that their Medicare Part D plan is not paying for Mestinon 😮  Mestinon, also known as pyridostigmine, is the only FDA approved treatment for myasthenia gravis. The manufacturer has jacked the price up by several hundred percent. My Utah Medicaid plan first tried to deny me IVIg by saying it was not FDA approved for MG. Since myasthenia gravis is a rare disease, it gets little government funding. The FDA is unlikely to do much for us.

Sooooo….while talking about all the politics involved with the ACA, FDA, Medicare, pharmaceutical companies, etc, a woman said “OK pardon my stupidity but who is Paul Ryan and why do I want to contact him? Please educate me”. It freaks me out how clueless and uneducated people are 😮 How do they make up their mind about important stuff if they do not understand the basics of our government? I hear or read Paul Ryan’s name many times a day…..and unfortunately know what a #$%&*! he is when it comes to poor and disabled people.


This chilling book is gaining new favor. Eerily correct for these times 😦

I’m not liking presidential….or pretty much any politics lately. I spend way too much time trying to keep up with the facts about what is going on. Most of it makes me nauseous and heartsick 😦 In turn, that gets me mad….especially mad at the people who don’t take voting seriously…..and the crooks who take advantage of that.


Food was only marginally significant today. I had muesli with yogurt and maple syrup for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a cup of mango kefir for supper. My mouth hurts.

Today feels all-around unsettling.